Monday, 14 December 2015


I am sitting here at the computer at 12h50 ... I went to bed and just fell asleep when my phone rang and it was Connor babbling that he had gotten up to fetch some water and had fallen because someone had messed somethng and had dislocated his shoulder again ... Now the other part of this story is that he is in the middle of nowhere in a place called Kamonande Game & Nature Reserve with his girlfriend Steph and some friends.  His next call says "Mom ... the pajero has lost a lot of petrol so an ambulance is on it's way to fetch me.  I told Dad".  Next call is Dad.  Then the house alarm goes off at 12h33 (last night it was 12h44!!!).  The next call says "We are in the ambulance ... will call you when we get to the hospital in Modimolle".  Now there is no ways I can go back to bed and sleep until I know what is going on.
Oh yes!!! Another part to the story is that my hunny is also away ~ Him, Mitch and other Richard are down in Harrismith on a biking weekend.

So my phone just beeps now ... 
Steph : At the hospital.  Can I have Connor's ID number.
Me : Gives ID number.
Me : Is it a private hospital?
Steph : Nope.
Me : Oh dear god!
Steph : It was the closest one.  (Not actually the answer I am wanting!!!)
Me : Is it at least decent.
Steph : I don't know.  It looks somewhat clean.

My head is SPINNING and I am freaking out!!!!  This is my son we are speaking about!!!!

And so to try and keep sane I am going to share some recent photos with you ...

Yesterday morning I attended the Pantomime with my friends Samantha and Petrus.  It was awesome.  Tobie Cronje makes the show!!!!

 My little sister Wendy is in Houston, Texas ... My amazing niece Taryn is graduating this week and Wendy has gone to celebrate with her.
 I sent Taryn some Jelly Tots and Strawberry Twirls (biscuits) which are reminders of home.  She sent me a WhatsApp on Saturday morning which was her Friday night "Enjoying my night eating jelly tots :) thank you aunty Lynnnnnnn"

 Connor sent me these photos from his trip ...

  My hunny sent me these photos from his trip ... This is the log cabin they are staying in ...

 So that's how my Monday morning is going!!!

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