Sunday, 25 October 2015

2016 IS ON IT'S WAY!!!

When I feel overwhelmed I start to do "little things" in advance ... So I started planning for 2016 recently and have already ...
  • Made birthday notes in my 2016 diary inserts (added Jan - Jun to my diary);
  • Bought my 2016 desk calendar ... just have to add birthdays;
  • Bought 2016 calendar for home and added birthdays;
  • Added dates to and printed my 2016 work sign on registers;
  • Bought my 2016 budget files;
  • Printed the sheets I use to keep a record of the pages I have scrapbooked;
  • Printed new covers for my log book and petrol book;
  • Printed sheets to go inside the log and petrol books (just need to laminate and bind)


  1. wow my friend you are super organised! I feel tired just reading all the things you probably did in a flash... but now I am encouraged... I will get started too ;0) xx

    1. Just do one thing a day and your list will be whittled down in next to no time.