Thursday, 24 September 2015

Destination Golden Gate for my hunny and Exclusive Books Sale for my boy!

Thursday 24 September 2015 is a holiday here in South Africa (Heritage Day) and my hunny, Mitch and Richard (a.k.a. The Muffin Man) left from our house on the first leg of their weekend trip to Lesotho.  I was up early  to see them off.

I then spent a bit of time writing a few blog posts (eeeek!!! nearly a month had passed since I last did a blog post) and then I got Connor up as he wanted to go to the Exclusive Books sale at The Glen.

While at the computer my Mom came in and asked if I could drop her at the casino and after that Connor and I had a quick breakfast at Mugg & Bean and were the first customers in Exclusive Books.  Connor was literally drooling over all the books he could get at a REALLY good price ...  he got 11 or 12 books for R800.

I am forever grateful that he would rather be spending money on books than drugs!!!

I dropped Connor at his friends Courtney and Megan's house at 1 for a braai and on my way home Noleen phoned and I popped past them for coffee.  After ADT called to say that their was an alarm activation at my house I left to check up on the house and at 6 left to fetch Mom at the casino and then back to the west rand to fetch Connor and we had a quick dinner at the Golden Arches.

Later in the afternoon my hunny sent me this photo of their camp site in the Golden Gate National Park which was their first stop on their weekend trip.  They had a relaxing dinner at the hotel in the Park.

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