Friday, 25 September 2015


Today was a real mixed bag of a day ...

  • Firstly extreme frustration when I got to my desk and found that our regional manager had not signed off documents that we needed to get new starters on the books and we are hurtling towards the end of the month and our payroll cut-off which impacts everything we do;
  • What tempered this feeling was (secondly) extreme excitement as I was seeing my friend Michelle Philippides for breakfast as it was her birthday on the 19th.
    I gave her (my favourite gift to give) two colouring books (for grown-ups), pencil crayons, a bubbly chocolate and a book bag to keep her books and crayons in.
    We had a toasted sarmie and coffee made by Menzi for breakfast and a wonderful time catching up.
Michelle spoiled me by remembering me telling her that I LOVE white chocolate ... yum!!!!

  • I wanted to pop out to the hospital during the day to see Norma but was waiting for our sign-offs and by 13h55 I was so frustrated that I sent my boss an SMS asking if I could leave because now it meant I would have to fetch my Mom to visit Norma ~ I rushed past Wimpy to get her a chicken salad and also got some green apples from Pick 'n Pay as she had not eaten properly because the hospital food was not great, picked up Mom and Connor and we made it to the hospital by 3.  We had a lovely visit with her and left around 4. 
  • Connor asked if we could go to Mall of the South (which opened yesterday) and he invited his best friend Talora to come with us ~ We braved the M1 and got stuck in peak hour traffic ~ we had hoped that because it was the day between a public holiday and the weekend that it would be quiet.  We dropped Mom at home and went through to the mall and surprisingly it was not hectic ... We walked around and eventually had dinner at Rocomamas.  It is a really beautiful mall however I was really surprised that all the shops close at 7 where they close at 9 at The Glen.
    We have a date with my youngest sister Jenny tomorrow and asked Talora if she would like to come with us which meant sleeping over at our house so we popped past her house to collect clothes and I had a cuppa coffee with her Mom.  Back home and after watching a bit of TV I went to bed.

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