Friday, 7 August 2015


2 August 2015: My hunny is one the most intelligent person I know.  Every day his thought processes and creativity amaze me.

He took on a job to repair a motor bike that was in a minor accident however when we got the bike home and he started working on it and fixing the apparent damage he found that there was more damage than originally believed ... he thinks that the bike was in another more serious accident as there is quite a lot of damage to the frame which he only found when he removed the petrol tank.  

He is building a device which he will use to straighten the frame and I keep going and asking him how things are and he patiently explains to me where he is in the process and how he is hoping it is going to work.  I am blown away by how he thinks up these things and the quality of his work.

6th August 2015: This morning I drove through to Carletonville to have a chat with the staff in the branch.  As usual I got there early and the Wimpy only opens at 07h30 but I went in at 7 and asked them if I could just sit there out of the cold.  They welcomed me in and said they could offer me coffee in the meantime.  I was blown away when the staff got together and held hands and started their day with prayer ... Although I did not understand what they were saying I took the opportunity to pray along with them ... What an amazing start to my day!!!
7 August 2015: My friend Linda Le Warne invited me to join her at a Women's Day Breakfast at the Hyatt in Rosebank.  We had a wonderful morning.
I was lucky enough to win this Dermalogica hamper in a lucky draw ... Which helped me to make contact with Karabo Moroka who used to be one of the managers I worked with in Sandton Area ... I had seen her name when we went to collect our name but didn't see what company she worked for and kept looking around to see if I could see her.  A few minutes after I stood up to collect the gift she was by my side ... I can't wait to make contact with her and meet her for a cuppa coffee.
The highlight of the morning for me was when Ruda Landman, previous presenter of Carte Blanche, chatted to us. 

Thanks for a stunning morning Linda.

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  1. I am always stunned to see people who live our there faith life openly...well done to the Wimpy staff...lucky you to win the Dermalogica hamper.