Monday, 10 August 2015

OPPI KOPPI ... The Fantastic Mr Vos Vos

7 - 9 August 2015: Connor was beyond excited about this year's Oppi Koppi.  Although the event only officially started on Friday 7 August the group decided they wanted to go through on Wednesday.  Dylan came through to our house with Connor after college on Tuesday afternoon and they packed up Connor's car and went through to Dylan's house.  On my way home from Clearwater Branch I had to pop past Dylan's house to hug my child ... He has never been gone from me for such a long time before!!!!

These are some of the photos he sent me ...

Their camp site ... Rather rough!!!
 Two of the guys from The Curious Incident ... The guy on the left is South African but lives overseas now.
They came home on Monday and we fetched a very dirty Connor at Dylan's house ...
 Dylan, Connor, Tia, Neo, Rex, Megan and Courtney.
 Dylan's puppy Chewy got into a fight with their bigger dog over the weekend and has to wear the cone as there is a lot of damage to his face ... poor baby!!!
We popped past Domino's at Rock Cottage for a quick dinner and then on home for Connor to have a long hot shower.  He is already counting down the days until next year's Oppi.

I am always delighted when he has a good time even if I miss him like crazy!!!!

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