Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Monica, Alida, Arthur, Yvette, Sheila, Mandy, Peter & Claudio
18 August 2015: I am the Human Resources representative on our region's Employment Equity Forum.  We arranged a charity initiative and today we supplied the kids and teachers at the Cradle of Hope School in Krugersdorp with soup and bread for lunch ... The kids were absolutely adorable and very grateful for the lunch.

The team working up a storm in the kitchen
 Peter's wife knitted beautiful beanies which after the models showed off were donated to the kids ... 
Arthur, Peter, Yvette, Alida, Mandy and Monica

Super Models Peter & Alida
Mandy and Sheila striking a pose.

The kids giving thanks for their lunch
The kids enjoying their lunch

When we were finished serving lunch and making sure there was enough soup left for the after-school kids we still had a lot of soup so the lady who runs the school suggested we go to the Tower of Life in the Krugersdorp CBD where a church hall is used as a homeless shelter.  For R20 a night you get a bed, a shower and a plate of food.  The young man, Anthony, who runs the place is incredibly passionate about what he does and we were very happy to be able to help such a worthy cause.

We all enjoyed our day thoroughly however were emotionally drained at the end of it.

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