Friday, 21 August 2015


21 August 2015: The sunrise this morning was absolutely amazing ...

 My boss invited us to lunch today at Eagles Faire at The Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens.  We included our colleagues from Free State Region who sit in the same area as us.  Walking into the Botanical Gardens is always an immediate stress relief for me.  It was the first time that Mary and Ndumiso had visited the gardens
 We could only view the waterfall from a distance as they are busy repairing the bridge near the waterfall.
 One of the beautiful benches in the garden made for a perfect photo opp!
Mary and Ndumiso
I gave each of my colleagues a little gift of appreciation which contained coffee, biscuits, popcorn, chocolate and hand cream ~ Today was the first time I saw Xoliswa to give the gift to her.

We were each given a R180 voucher with an arm band which says "I am Nedbank.  We are Nedbank" and a thank you card.

I had a steak followed by a DIVINE dessert ... pavlova with stunningly fresh fruit.

Our team ... Mary, Xoliswa (the boss), Ndumiso, Zanele and me
 With Prudence and Thea ...
 Our waitress came along and offered to take a photo with me in it ...
On our way out we were looking at all the insects made out of steel and came across this dung beetle which reminded us of  the story the "motivational" speaker told us at our recent managers conference.

He started out by saying "Let me tell you about bullshit" ... all of us were a bit shocked by this.

He went on to ask "If you saw some bullshit lying on the floor would you pick it up?" Of course the people answered "No!!!".  His story continued ... "Well there are people who are prepared to pick up the bullshit.  Put it in a bag and seal it, put a label on it and sell it to you.  You then take it and put it in your expensive car and take it home and use it in your garden." I can't remember the point of the story but here is my boss "picking up the bullshit!" 

We had a wonderfully restful afternoon and left feeling appreciated.

The traffic on the way home made me feel even more appreciated as it was rather good for a late Friday afternoon!

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