Saturday, 29 August 2015


29 August 2015: I completed the Wedding Album my friend Anna-Marie asked me to make for her son and daughter-in-law at 16h00.  I had arranged for us to deliver her son's motorbike to them at 17h00 today which meant we needed to leave at 16h00 so I only just got the book finished!

I forgot to take a photo of the front page!!!!

Some of the photos are not great but thanks for looking.

On our way to Krugersdorp I took this photo of Richard riding behind me on the highway.
 During the week he took the bike to work so that he could give it a long run and check that everything was in order.  Here he is arriving home ...

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  1. Hi There lovely lady,
    This time I've been the one who hasn't read your post in a while. So this is catching up...
    LOVE Connor's tattoo, that is SO him and not something he will regret soon as reading is part of him and will always be. Also LOVE LOVE this wedding album. This is going to be such a special gift, made with love.
    Hope you are doing well otherwise - Talk to Sam about a lunch, before the end of the year at least.