Friday, 28 August 2015


28 August 2015: Today I was awake very early so decided to get up and get ready and was on my way to work at ...

I worked hard and fast until we had to go to the Regional Manager's debrief session ... This normally puts me into an absolute tail spin and I was VERY happy when we were led to believe that we no longer had to attend but then we got the call to go to the meeting.  It was much better than the previous ones we had attended and ended off really well.

I was supposed to leave the office at 4 to go to a fun session at Westgate Branch but only got out after 4:30 so had to contend with terrible traffic however I got to Westgate just after 5.  

The game is ... There is a table of wrapped gifts going from small to "the big  one" which this time was a frying pan worth R500.

Each person get's a number.

The same numbers are in a bowl.

The manager pulls a number and the first person get's to choose a gift and open the gift.

The second person chooses and opens a gift and if they do not like their gift can take the gift from the first person if they prefer that gift.

And so it goes until the last person ... who can take any gift that they like.

It was a lot of fun and totally destressed everyone.

I got a bottle of Nescafe Coffee so stole this Carmen box set from Masego hoping that no-one would take it from me so that I could give it back to her at the end of the game ... but right at the end Louwrens took it from me in collaboration with one of his colleagues ... He said that he took it because he knew what Masego was getting as a farewell gift.

 Elijah holding on for dear life to the Russel Hobbs Frying Pan he stole from someone else ... You just know that if you are not the last person that you are not going to land up with this fancy gift.

 Masego is unfortunately leaving us so at the end of the game we wished her well in this new chapter ... We are going to miss her gorgeous smile!!!!

It ended up being a super long day with me only getting home at 7 and then getting busy at my scrap table however it was a wonderful end to the work week.

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