Sunday, 19 July 2015

Weekend in review!

SATURDAY 18 JULY ... We visited my friend Alison this morning ~ She had an operation on her foot on Monday and is recovering well.  We popped into Woolies and got some munchies and had a wonderful visit.

Next ...BIRTHDAY LUNCH WITH Connor's GOD-MOTHER ... My precious friend Linda is Connor's God-Mother and it is a relationship the two of them take very seriously.  We met her at Mike's Kitchen and had an absolutely amazing afternoon catching up and the food was also a good addition to the afternoon.

The long arm shot is unfortunately a bit shaky

After lunch we popped home so Connor could get ready to go to his friend Gabi's birthday celebration.  We picked him up at midnight and fell into bed when we got back home.

Connor and Kyle celebrate their birthdays on the same day and today we got together with Kyle and his Mom, my friend Michelle, at Northgate ... Connor drove his car through and I was the perfect passenger (in my opinion!!!!).  

We decided on Spur for breakfast and Connor chose a burger for breakfast and then him and Kyle hit the ice which Michelle and I chatted over our breakfast.

The boys had a wonderful time skating.

When we left Northgate we went through to 1 Fox ~ The Sheds where Connor's friend Aziza was working at her uncle's stall selling cup cakes and do-nuts.

I had heard a lot about it and was quite disappointed however Connor loved it.

First are my photos followed by what I found on the internet ... Maybe it looks better during summer???  I will definitely go back and see if I like it any better next time.  Maybe with the lights on and a cuppa coffee in my hand my perspective may be different ... I have hope!!!

I spent the evening planning pages and sorting paper for my scrapbooking weekend.  All in all a stunning weekend ~Thanks for spending so much time with me my boy.
Aziza and Connor
I did like the warehouse feel of the place and the vibe was probably lacking due to load shedding.
As you will see, the photos in the internet piece look a lot better than the reality that I saw.


1Fox is introducing new trading hours from 1 July 2015 as we are beginning to implement our next phase of expansions and improvements. Our entire market will now trade on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-5pm. Also join us on Fridays for ‘Lunch in the City’ between 12noon-3pm when the food traders in our Canopy area serves scrumptious lunch options.
VISA #MyEverywhere shot at 1Fox
Hidden behind forlorn brick walls and giant steel gates is one of Joburg City’s greatest surprises: an entire district of historic, industrial warehouses. It is here that Hubert Davies opened mining warehouses in 1893. While most of the buildings on site date from the 1920s and 1940s, the centre part of the main shed is possibly the oldest industrial structure in all of Joburg City. Oregon pine posts and trusses suggest that this part was built before the South African War (Anglo Boer War).
There is much history and legend associated with the location. A liquor license was granted for the Ferreira’s Bar on this site in 1893 and for the Good Luck Bar in 1895. One can only speculate that Charles Glass himself peddled his original Castle Lager here.
Located on the Western Edge of Joburg City, in an area known as Ferreirastown where Joburg’s first miners pitched their tents during the gold rush – and neighbouring historic Marshalltown where many mining corporations and banks still have their offices – The Sheds@1Fox is bringing a new lease of life to a historic corner of the city. On the edge of First China Town, Fordsburg and Newtown, the Western Edge is home to many historic buildings including the old Chinese Club and the city’s first Indian cinema. The warehouses at The Sheds@1Fox were used by mining companies for over a century, with Anglo American the most recent occupant.
However, during last decade most of the buildings at 1 Fox Street stood vacant, awaiting redevelopment as office space. That was until two Joburgers saw the potential of the buildings owned by private property developer, the Johannesburg Land Company (JLC). In 2014 Jan Roode of Happy Me and Gerald Garner of Spaces & Places – JoburgPlaces (Double G Media) signed a long-term lease with JLC as part of their initiative to re-imagine the old warehouses.
While retaining the original character, the historic warehouses have since been refurbished into a thriving marketplace – an artisanal food and produce market, surrounded by eateries and bars. This lifestyle emporium is designed to serve the corporate workforce of the city as well as the many travelers visiting Jozi for a vibrant, African urban experience. The Sheds@1Fox is  popular with the city’s brimming population of apartment dwellers as well as the millions of suburbanites keen to visit and mingle in a thriving urban space.
Located close to the confluence of the M1 and M2 highways, just off the Selby off-ramp into town, and a short distance south of the Nelson Mandela Bridge, The Sheds@1Fox is accessible from all corners of Johannesburg. It is easily reachable by walking from the Westgate Rea Vaya bus station (connecting to Soweto) and from the Chancellor House bus station (connecting to Park Station). A Gautrain bus stop is also nearby in Sauer Street, while a dedicated parking area ensures easy access to the market for those arriving by car or tour bus.

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