Tuesday, 21 April 2015


has the past 3 weeks gone???

My last post was on 31 March and it is already 21 April and I cannot figure out where the time has gone to.

Some highlights of the past 3 weeks ...

1 April 2015 ... Captured an amazing sunset!

4 April 2015 ... After Park Run I met my very special friend (and Connor's Godmother) Linda at her home and we drove through to Riverview Spa where she treated me to a leisurely lunch down at the river followed by a hot stone massage ... We had an absolutely amazing afternoon catching up ~ we never run out of things to chat about and I absolutely love her company.  When we got back to her house we spent some time with her daughter Khrystyn drinking coffee and chatting up a storm.
Our server took this photo of us having lunch

Sunday 5 April 2015 ... We met my friend Alison and her sister Caron at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens and after a double "circuit"of about 5,000 steps we had a leisurely breakfast at Eagles Fare.  The gardens are looking absolutely beautiful.

I had promised to take Connor to Sandton City and we stopped off at Readers Warehouse at Lifestyle to collect a book he had on order.  We had a lovely time at Sandton and he got to spend his birthday voucher at his favourite Exclusive Books.  We stopped by the Gwe Fey Tea House and shared a delicious pasta and Connor experienced a new flavoured tea.

I spoiled him with a box of Geldof chocolates and got my hunny a really interesting trilogy of books ... It is Star Wars written in the theme of a Shakespeare play.

All in all a wonderful day!!!
Connor's favourite "pose"... book in hand!!!
 Connor's comment ... "When eating rice how did two sticks win over a fork or spoon???!!!
My hunny with his Star Wars trilogy of plays
A hand picked selection of chocolates
 Monday 6 April 2015 ... Our first blood donation of the year.

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