Tuesday, 28 April 2015


The past week has flown by so fast ~ Here's a quick catch-up .... Monday to Friday is an absolute blur!!!!

25 April 2015 : Park Run ... Although I didn't feel up to it I kicked my bum out of bed and went down to Rietvlei Zoo Farm and did my fastest time 51:41.  I had my car washed at the same time ... "killing two birds with one stone" is how I like to get things done.
I joined Noleen and Gordon for a quick breakfast at Latchino's and got home to a driveway full of handsome boys ... My hunny had 3 friends round and they were all busy on some or other work to do with motorbikes.

Connor ordered some books from Amazon and was waiting with bated breath for the delivery.  On Friday evening at about 7 the courier arrived and Connor could not wait to open the parcel.  One of the books he ordered was The House Of Leaves ~ I had mentioned this book to him after my last visit with my friend Roz and her son Oliver ~ and we could not wait to see what it was all about.  On Saturday after my walk we sat in the study and had a long chat about this book and many other subjects ... I really like this boy ... 

Here are some of the pages from The House of Leaves:


Connor and Talora (his friend who he drives to college with) went to Lusito Land this afternoon and had a ball once they found a friend from college.

Sunday 26 April 2015 : My hunny spent the day in the driveway working on two orders which he wanted to get to the powder coaters on Tuesday.  I must have had a horribly lazy day because I cannot remember what I did!!!!  I do remember dropping my Mom off at the Casino and after fetching her dropping Connor at The Glen to spend the evening with a friend.  I watched Downton Abbey ~ Such a sad episode which I believe "Anna" won an award for.

My precious friend Nats (who lives in New Zealand) had an operation on her hand on Thursday.  My darling Jo let me know that Nats, Brett and Kelly were visiting them on Sunday so I asked her to  organise some flowers for Nats which she gave to her on Sunday and this is the What'sApp I received from Nats "My darling friend, Thank u soooooo much! We visited Jo and she handed me chocolates and a bunch of flowers.  U r an angel even when u on the other side of the world" .... how sweet is that!!!  Thanks Jo!!!!

Monday 27 April 2015 : Today is a holiday is South Africa and I was waiting for a call from my youngest sister Jenny to finalize arrangements to meet today.  I got in the bath with my book and three hours later when I looked at my phone I had 8 missed calls from her so I phoned her and we arranged to meet at Northgate for lunch.  We had a wonderful lunch at Spur and then trawled the mall for a bit.  I love spending time with these two ...

The sky was so beautiful

My hunny had spent the day out with Mitch, Schatz and little Richard on a ride to Potchefstroom.  They had a wonderful time out.  They were looking for somewhere to have breakfast and landed up at a pub called Die Koperasie where there were a lot of motor bikes parked outside and found that it was a fund raiser for a little guy who has a growth disorder ... he is 3 years old but operates at the mental capacity of a baby. Their breakfast ended up more like lunch as this place is probably not used to having so many people at one time visiting them however everyone took the delays in their stride.

We had planned to go out for dinner on Sunday night but that would have impacted my hunny getting his work finished so we postponed it to last night ~ We went to Spur and I was not hungry having had a burger for lunch so the boys had a burger (they have  a 2 for the price of one on a Monday) and I shared my hunny's salad with him and had a hot chocolate.  We did a bit of window-shopping after that and then watched NCIS and jumped into bed early.

Hope your weekend was amazing!!!

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