Wednesday, 29 April 2015


As I posted this morning my challenge was to get the study under control today so after we dropped Connor at Talora we came home and I made a start.  

I also had a "Honey Do List" which included changing the fluorescent tube in the study ... turns out it was the starter and not the tube (which was fixed in next to no time).  We then went down to Spaar on Spares to buy new wiper blades and headlights for my car.  Next on the list was Builder's Warehouse to get new hinges for the pantry cupboard and some general nuts and bolts.  Back home and my hunny put the new hinges on the pantry door ... now it closes perfectly.  Next came the drilling to hang my gorgeous heart above the front door, then the one little key holder, then my heart on the patio, then outside to fit the blades to my car and replace the headlamps and also put the rhino horn back on. He also fitted new "legs" to two little angels that belong to Wendy.  THANKS HUNNY!!!!!!  You're the best!!!

Here are some photos to share ...

I tackled the uproar in the study in earnest and am really happy with the end-result ...
 When we came outside this morning the sky looked amazing ...
On our way back home I tried to get a good shot of the sunrise but it was too bright for my camera ...
Here are some of the "Honey Do's" being done!!!  I sure have the best husband on the planet!!!


  1. Wow...he really got a lot done and your study looks amazing.

  2. Lynn you have an awesome hunny. You should rent him out. Loving your study.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}