Tuesday, 21 April 2015


My niece and godchild Gina, who was born two months before my hunny and I started our romance, is pregnant with her second baby who is the first great grand-daughter, grand-daughter and great-niece in our family (we already have 3 boys in the family).  Gina's future sister-in-law arranged her baby shower.  Originally I was not going to be able to make it as we were supposed to go to Dullstroom for the weekend however my hunny fell ill on Thursday night and cancelled the weekend so I decided to go to the baby shower.

I picked Wendy up at her house and we drove through together.  We stopped off for a quick sandwich at a little coffee shop in Horizon Village ... the coffee was good and the sandwich average.  We literally gobbled our sandwiches down and rushed to Gina's house ... only to find that her friends had not yet arrived so we could have taken our time.

 Gina was spoiled rotten and got gorgeous gifts ...
Yep!!  A black dustbin bag doubles beautifully as a gift bag!!!  I got her a bumbo (which I had never heard of until Noleen told me Gina wanted one!!! and thankfully there were some other ladies there who did not know what it was!!! LOL!!!), nappies, wet wipes, vests and sleep suits.  

Can't wait to meet Miss Anabella.

Wendy made this beautiful name for the new baby.

It was also my monthly scrap date with the girls, which I had cancelled when I decided to join my hunny in Dullstroom ... This is the photo I got on What's App from them ...
Lynette, Linda and Alison ... LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!! and missed you like crazeeeeeeeee!!!

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