Saturday, 7 February 2015


We have sisters that we are given blessed with by birth and then we have those sisters who we choose with our heart  ... Roz is one of  my heart sisters and also a fellow Capricorn.  

We had a Birthday Lunch booked for 7 January, which is between our birthdays, however she had to rush to the UK to visit her brother who was seriously ill.  She spent 2 weeks in the UK and 2 days after arriving home her brother sadly passed away.

We rescheduled our lunch and met on Monday 2 February at our favourite place ... Contessa Tea House in Rivonia.  The first order of business was a HUGE hug ... We are both really good huggers!!!!

We had so much to catch up on that our poor waitress battled to get an order out of us ~ I had my favourite Bobootie with banana chutney while Rozzie had a chicken salad.  We shared a chocolate volcano and ice cream with a cappuccino to finish off our lunch.
We chatted about a million and one things (and still didn't speak about everything ~ as usual) and also swapped birthday gifts ... Mine was the green box and when I opened it up the first layer had sticky dots and decorative border tape, the second layer was a travel mug and sachets of Star Bucks coffee and a Lindt Fruit & Nut chocolate ... I was ABSOLUTELY blown away as even when she was dealing with the imminent death of her brother she still took time out to do birthday gift shopping for me in the UK!!!!!  The last layer was a beautiful Pashmina which she got for me while on holiday in the Drakensberg in December.  

Thanks for the gorgeous gift Rozzie ... your friendship means the world to me!!!!


  1. Why does it not surprise me that you have wonderful friends? Because you ARE a wonderful friend. What you put out into the world attracts similar kind people who want to be your friend. I'm glad. I want you to have more good friends than you can handle. :-)

    1. Hey special friend … Thanks for your sweet comment!!!! I am truly blessed with amazing friends ~ you included!!!!