Monday, 26 January 2015


17 January ... Spectacular sunset!!!! which we captured on our way home after dropping Connor in Meyersdal for a friend's birthday dinner.
Sunday 18 January ... Linda Wood gave me a Sorbet voucher for my birthday and I made an appointment to have a wax and a pedicure on Sunday afternoon.  I was enjoying my pedicure when my phone rang and it was Richard ... "We're on our way to the hospital" ... Connor in the background says "Sorry Mom!!!".  He was out on his skateboard and fell off and dislocated his shoulder AGAIN!!!!  I sat and shook through the rest of the pedicure and joined them at the hospital as soon as I was finished.

This time he had also grazed his cheek, knees and hip.  After he came out of the anaesthetic he asked to go and see his cousins however ended up snoring on the couch.  When he woke up we went past Pick 'n Pay and he got a gift for the two sisters who assisted him at the hospital and we went back to the hospital to drop off the parcels ... They were delighted to be spoiled.

Connor was still a bit out of it but he went inside to deliver the gifts to the two nurses.

Wednesday 21 January 2015 ... We were sitting at the dinner table after dinner and Connor crossed his arms and suddenly grabbed his shoulder ... Next thing we were on our way back to the hospital.  His shoulder had dislocated AGAIN!!!! This picture belies the agony he was in.  They put him under again and put his shoulder back and now we have to take him to an Orthopaedic Surgeon and they will have to operate on his shoulder to stop it from popping out all the time.
Friday 23 January ... Connor's gorgeous friend Bianca came over to visit.
Saturday 24 January ... I did my 17th Park Run and most of those have been with Wendy at my side.  There were 1,277 parkrunners this week and I came 38th in my age category.  After our walk we had a quick breakfast at the coffee shop and then I popped past Wendy to collect a Justine order and then it was home to get ready for Ali's birthday party.

Sunday 25 January ... Richard asked us to join him at the Circus Cafe for breakfast as he was in desperate need of a ride on his motorbike.  We got there just ahead of him and spent a few minutes reading our books and then had a lovely breakfast and some special family time.  We popped past The Glen afterwards and then spent the afternoon chilling at home and catching up on programmes taped on the PVR.


  1. Oh dear oh dear oh dear!!! Look after yourself Connor!! Lots of love coming your way from Meeeee xx

  2. I hope Connor's shoulder is better...that is such a worry xx