Monday, 26 January 2015

A WONDERFUL VISIT! (Friday 16 January)

Jolene is one of my favourite people in the world and also happens to be my nephew Dean's ex-fiance.  When Jo and Dean were dating she crept into my heart and has owned that part of my heart and has kept our relationship alive by keeping in constant contact with me.

She lives in New Zealand now and came over to visit her Dad in Cape Town for two weeks and then spent a week in Johannesburg.  

She asked me if I would like to fetch her at the airport on Friday 16th and I jumped at the opportunity to spend time with her.  We hadn't see each other for 5 years but when I saw her it was as if we had been together yesterday.

We fetched Connor on our way home and spent the afternoon chilling and catching up at Wendy's house. 

Of course my camera was with me!

After chatting for hours we invited Jo to a girls dinner and we decided on Ocean Basket at The Glen after Wendy asked Jo what food she missed the most and her answer was "prawns in their shell".  When we walked into Ocean Basket Jo excused herself and went over and greeted some girls at a table ... Watching their faces told a story all of it's own and when Jo joined us at our table she said that it was 2 of her cousins who did not know that she was 'home'.

Connor, Liam and Jarod spent the evening hanging out at The Glen and were amazed at how much talking 3 girls could do.

Connor has always had a mad crush on Jo, which used to irritate Dean to distraction, and it has not changed any over the years that she has been away. 

I would have loved to see Jo again before she went home but the time passed so quickly that before we knew it she was on the plane and on her way back to New Zealand.

Thanks for spending time with us Jo!!!


  1. Thank you all for the wonderful day. It was absolutely amazing and would not gave wanted to spend it any other way! Love you lots!

  2. Great that you kept the love alive across the miles.