Friday, 7 November 2014

SUMMER HOLIDAY ~ Spectacular sunrise / Circus Cafe

5 NOVEMBER ~ Sleeping with the curtains open has it's benefits ... and this spectacular sunrise is one of them!!!

 After breakfast we took a drive through to SunCoast, parked and then walked into town to the Longboarding warehouse only to find that they were packing up as the owner had decided that he wanted to work smart not hard (message relayed by one of the workers).  Connor was rather disappointed.  The sky was quite blue today however the wind was howling and Connor found it quite difficult to skateboard.

Again Richard and Connor got up to their antics!

 On our way back we stopped off at the Circus Cafe and had lunch ...

I ordered a still water and this is the beautiful bottle it came in ...

Connor was very excited that they served craft beer and tried one he hadn't had before.  My lunch of Thai Fish Cakes was absolutely spectacular!!!!

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