Friday, 7 November 2014

SUMMER HOLIDAY ~ My Precious Aunty Ria

My precious Aunty Ria is my Dad's older sister ... Each time we visit I insist on taking a photo with her and last time we were there she asked if I had to have proof that I visited her! Love you Aunty Ria!!!!


  1. I see a resemblance between the two of you. Am I right? Definitely in the eyes.

    1. There is definitely a resemblance ... A number of years ago my Aunt sent me a photo of herself sitting on the steps outside her kitchen with one of her dogs on her lap ... I opened the envelope and showed my hunny the photo and his question "Who is the dog?" my answer "Aunty Ria's dog" ... "Oh!!!! I thought that was you" was his answer. Now for your husband to mistake you for your Aunt says a lot.