Friday, 7 November 2014

CONTROL ... or the lack thereof!!!

If there is one feeling I really dislike it is that feeling of not being in control!  The two weeks before I went on leave feel like the days melted into each other and became a mess of trying to get everything done and not succeeding!

Here are some highlights which I only remember because I have photographic proof that they happened!!!

21 OCTOBER @ 05h33 ... I was on my way to work at that ridiculous hour however was very happy that I was as I witnessed this amazing sunrise!
24 OCTOBER ~ Connor's college had an early Halloween 'celebration' and he dressed up as the devil (much to my dismay!!!) and after college they had an all night LAN ~ where they played computer games from the Friday afternoon until 7 on Saturday morning.

This was him arriving home exhausted just as I was getting ready to leave for my ParkRun and monthly scrapbook date with the girls.
I met Wendy at Rietvlei and we had a wonderful walk and finished in 00:55:20

Graeme had to bring her bar code (the rule is "no bar code no time" and for her that means no Vitality points) so we had a quick coffee before I rushed off to meet Linda and Alison at Linda's house (which fortunately is just around the corner from Rietvlei) for our monthly Scrap Addicts day.

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA!!!!!  We had a belated celebration for Linda's birthday and after coffee and opening of presents we popped to Scrap Crazee at Meyersdal Mall ~ It was Alison's first trip and she was rather impressed with our local scrapbooking shop.
My gift was an album and front page which Linda just has to add a photo to ~ She started using the album immediately.  

The three of us had a wonderful time although we missed Leonie and Lynette who were unable to join us.
SUNDAY 26 OCTOBER ~ Breakfast Run ... Richard asked if Connor would like to ride to Haartebeespoort with him and me to follow in the car so I asked my youngest sister Jenny if she and Louisa wanted to meet us for breakfast at Jasmyn ... We hadn't seen them in a long while so I was very exited to see them.  The route Richard takes is through the middle of Jhb city ... hair raising even on a Sunday morning!!!!!!

My boys being boxed in by taxis is not a sight I liked at all!!!!

We passed the Nelson Mandela Bridge and this is what Wikipedia says about it ... Nelson Mandela Bridge is a bridge in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was completed in 2003, and cost R102-120 million to build and its total length is 284m.

 It is a rather spectacular sight even on a grey morning.
 I love the sight of Haartebeespoort Dam ... 
We decided to have breakfast at the Waffle House ~ we had not been there before and didn't know what to expect.

While riding Connor had managed to catch his scarf in the zipper of his riding jacket and Louisa offered to try and get it out ... her patience paid off and there was very little damage to the scarf ... Thanks Louisa!!!!

My breakfast was a French Toast with bacon Waffle ... It was an interesting twist on a traditional waffle and I look forward to when we can go back and have it again (maybe my next photo will do the meal more justice!!!).

 There is a small outdoor market and we walked around and checked out their wares ... We saw this cap/scarf/glove combination ... it was too cute!!!!  Unfortunately Jenny has recently been to Russia so she had no use for it now!!!

Connor was tired after the ride to Haartebeespoort and decided to ride home in the car with me so Richard loaded Connor's bike on the trailer and left ahead of us.  I was VERY happy not to have to drive through town on our way home.
27 OCTOBER 05h50 ... This morning on my way to work the sun was shining at our house and as I drove down the road I saw this HUGE dark cloud which I drove into on the way to work ~ by the time I got to the office the weather was dark and dreary and in total contrast to the weather at home ... so weird!!!!

The rest of the week sped past with hearing preparation, two hearings and lots of preparation for me being away for two weeks.  Of course you never get everything done before you go on leave so I left with some things not finished the way I wanted them done ... but leave I did.  Again it was proven that I am not Super Woman!!!!

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  1. Your life is so much fun. I am enjoying it vicariously from bed and getting very hungry with all the food you keep posting! LOL My favourite parts of your posts are always your gorgeous guys with their happy faces and they just add to my overall impression of what a happy, life loving family you are.

    I love that hat/scarf and the mittens but it doesn't get cold enough here to wear those. I wonder too what it would be like to dry to drive while wearing mittens such as those.