Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sunday evening means Monday is about to happen!!!!

I have a draft post which says I spent my Saturday evening at my scrap table designing my page for next weekend ... I did spend some time at my scrap table but it was spent staring at the page that has been sitting there for weeks and is still not finished!!!!  I eventually spent some time asleep on the couch until the house alarm went off ... again!!!!!

This morning I was awakened with a lovely cup of tea delivered by my hunny who had already showered and was halfway ready to leave on his early morning ride.  I got up and got myself ready and eventually Connor got up and we left the house around 8am to meet at The Circus Cafe for breakfast ... which as usual was really good.
Our little family!
Love this photo of my boy and me!
On our way home we popped past Wendy to look at the photos she had taken yesterday at the Reef Steamers Club ~ They are gorgeous.  As a 'railway kid' I really love this photo. (JHix I am sure you will love seeing your name on the front of this gorgeous machine!!!)
The Electra Mining Exhibition starts tomorrow and my hunny has been hard at work at the showgrounds the whole week.  He wanted to make sure that everything on their stand was to his standard so we went with him to Nasrec.  This is their stand ...

When we were leaving Nasrec I saw this water feature ... If I had a fancy house with a HUGE garden I would certainly put one of these in!!!
 On our way home we decided to pop into A Pinch of Thyme at Tulip Garden Nursery ~ Connor and I had a banana & caramel pancake and Richard had a bran muffin.  Wonderful family time with my gorgeous boys!!!
My blogger friend in Canada, Shawna McComber, made this comment on my blog yesterday ...

You have such a full life. You look lovely in your selfie, your warm personality shows and you have a beautiful smile. Ouch to the dislocated shoulder! That's an awfully big smile though so I'm guessing he got some happy drugs.  xoxo

And this was my response ...
Hi Shawna, It is a wake-up call to see your life through someone else's eyes ... I think of it as just another day when in fact I do have a wonderfully full life ~ Thanks for the reminder and for your sweet comment on my selfie.
Yep ... The smile was as a result of morphine for the pain. We are praying that it all sorts itself out as his index finger is still totally numb! More physio tomorrow.
Hope you are having a stunning weekend!!!

Hopefully I will be spending productive time at my scrap desk tonight and by doing that will end the weekend doing one of my favourite things.

Hope your weekend was filled with your favourite things and wishing you a stunning week ahead.


  1. Your little family is just so adorable and Connor does a great job with his smile even without Morphine. I hope that finger gets better soon!
    Hugs to all of you-sorry to your hubs and Connor who don't know me but I am going to hug them too.

  2. I love how much your love for your family shines through each blog post.