Saturday, 13 September 2014

Hurtling through the year ...

It has been nearly 2 weeks since I last blogged ... Cannot believe that two weeks has sped past at this speed.  Some highlights/lowlights of the past two weeks ...

1st September ~ Our team met at our Conference Centre, Olwazini, for a sleep over and full day meeting on Tuesday.  I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! which is just up the road from Matla Combined where we did the Veggie Tunnel recently.  This is my bedroom and view from my front door at sunset ... I love the way the sun is reflected in the water.

 3rd September ... I managed to catch the sunset on my way home.
 And then as I drove down my road towards home This is the sight that welcomed me!!!

6th September ... I was trying to take a selfie to let my precious niece Taryn know how often I wear the necklace she gave me for Mother's Day last year ... I am not so good at this selfie stuff!!! LOL!!!
I always imagine her close to me when I wear this necklace ~ I miss her so very much!!!

Monday 8 September ... Any thought of going to the ice rink was thwarted by Connor dislocating his shoulder ... He was out on his longboard ~ and when some old lady hooted at him he turned badly and popped his shoulder out of it's socket ... We spent 3 hours at the hospital having this sorted out.

Fortunately our family GP was in the emergency room and sorted Connor out.

Thurdsay11 September ... Wendy joined us at Sisters Dinner and was in total control of her selfies!!! So I had to take a photo of her taking a selfie ... She did take selfies with each of us but I don't have those photos to share.

Norma spoiled us with some treats ... I LOVE the fruit quenchers.

Friday 12 September ... I rushed to the office arriving at my desk at 05h30 as I needed to do a return before going through to a long service breakfast in Sandton ... only to find that someone had stolen my mouse which I had forgotten on my desk on Thursday.  So I left the office to miss the major traffic to Sandton and managed to get a photo of the sunrise ... This certainly does not capture the actual beauty.  I went to Europa for a cup of coffee and phoned my friend Linda Wood to ask if she wanted to join me ~ after a quick cuppa coffee we went to her desk and she lent me her mouse and I quickly did the return my boss was wanting and then had to hotfoot it down the road to the Micheal Angelo Hotel where I joined my old boss Saras to celebrate her 25 years service with Nedbank.  Saras is blessed to work with my very special friend Linda Le Warne who gave a lovely speech about Saras.  The company was great and the food was wonderful. I told Saras that I had to take an official photo of her ...

Linda and Saras
You help yourself to cold food ... cereal, yoghurt, cold meats, fruit, etc and then you order your main course and it is served under a silver cloche ... I took this photo of my colleague Mary when her food was delivered.

I had a battle getting out of Sandton as there were roads closed and I had to do some detours.  I spent the afternoon in the office and finished off the week with an interview.  I was really happy when I got into my car to go home and close the chapter on the past two weeks.

Connor spent the evening at his friend Dylan and after dropping him off I met my hunny at The Glen for a date night ... did some shopping and then had a leisurely dinner at Mugg & Bean ~ It was wonderful to spend some quality time with my hunny.  We spent the rest of the evening quietly in front of the TV.

Saturday 13 September ... I did my 4th ParkRun (Walk) today ... Wendy had gone to do an old train photo shoot and Norma wanted to watch the Rubgy so I walked on my own.  It was very hot and dusty however I enjoyed every minute of it.  My times haven't been too bad ...

1st ParkRun     2nd ParkRun    3rd ParkRun    4th ParkRun
01:00:12   00:52:00   00:56:07   00:54:17


  1. Well done on keeping up with the park runs. So glad Wendy joined you for the sisters lunch. I am no good at selfies either.

    1. Hi Special Lady ... I am really enjoying the Park Runs ~ Wont be doing it this weekend as I am scrapbooking Saturday and Sunday (Yay!!!!).

      The Sisters Dinner was back to normal with all 4 of us there.

      Glad to hear of someone else who battles with selfies!!!

  2. You have such a full life. You look lovely in your selfie, your warm personality shows and you have a beautiful smile. Ouch to the dislocated shoulder! That's an awfully big smile though so I'm guessing he got some happy drugs.

    1. Hi Shawna, It is a wake-up call to see your life through someone else's eyes ... I think of it as just another day when in fact I do have a wonderfully full life ~ Thanks for the reminder and for your sweet comment on my selfie.

      Yep ... The smile was as a result of morphine for the pain. We are praying that it all sorts itself out as his index finger is still totally numb! More physio tomorrow.

      Hope you are having a stunning weekend!!!