Monday, 30 June 2014

What a save!!!

OK so here's the story ... I did this page while away on my Scrap Retreat and I was absolutely delighted with how the page came out. 

 On Saturday while sorting out the pages in my 2013 book I realised, to my horror!!!, that I had put the wrong date on the page ... You can just see the white rub ons on my title which says engaged and February 13th when they got engaged on 13 March!!!  I am still not sure how I got this so wrong!!!

So I had to figure out how to remedy this mess and still keep the focus on the photo.  So today I had a brainwave ... Cut out the word engaged on the Silhouette in the same colour as the background.  So I asked my hunny if he could help with that.  We used the same thick cardstock and he cut it once and it didn't cut all the way through the paper, so he started again and the second time it cut through.  I placed the cut out letters on the page but I wasn't thrilled with the effect.  I was sitting at my desk contemplating how I could get the perfect title and I placed the cut out letters on top of the word which had not cut all the way through and .... M.A.G.I.C.!!!  It looks like there is a light border around the letters which gives the letters perfect definition.  See for yourself ...
I used the same Martha Steward punch that I used on the background paper around the photo to give some definition to the edge of the title strip.

I think this title is perfect and takes nothing away from the stunning photo (it looks better in real life than what I could capture it on my camera).
 Here are two other pages to share ...

Well, that's MISSION ACCOMPLISHED so I can go to bed happy!!!  Sleep tight y'all!!!!


  1. Your pages look gorgeous and the date error was well saved! I am almost beginning to maybe want to give this scrapbooking thing a try myself! The first job is to sort through old photos and my computer file and find the photos that would make an album. I bought myself a new printer which I am really really excited about. It is a scanner, fax, copier, printer combo unit. I can use it to make copies of my own painted papers to make decorative papers that I can use for collaging or scrapbooking. I have also dabbled a little bit in carving my own stamps. You should try it! You can use those white plastic erasers.

    1. Thanks Shawna. I think you should try your hand at scrapbooking ... You are super talented and I think you would enjoy it.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks sweet girl ... I had a wonderfully loved subject to work with.

  3. You really fixed that well. Love the white on white.

    1. Thanks Lynette ... that is high praise coming from you!!!