Monday, 30 June 2014

A quick catch up on a Monday evening

I can't believe that the weekend sped away and it is already the end of Monday!!! AND we are officially half way through the year!  Can you believe it!!!???

So here's my little catch up ...

Remember my niece gave me a pedicure for Mother's Day and I had it done last weekend ... here's a picture of the pretty nude colour I had painted on my toenails along with my pink slippers!!! LOL!!!

 Yesterday morning Connor and Richard went out for a ride on their motorbikes and invited me to meet them at the Circus Cafe for a french toast breakfast.  They got there just ahead of me and had ordered tea ... How cute is this tea pot?

On the way home I popped in at Wendy's to collect my Justine order and drop off the bracelet I got for her (the same style that I gave to my other sisters at our last Sisters Dinner) along with some chocolate eclairs.

Of course Miss Marshie was on top form posing as an ornament on the sideboard ...
When I left Wendy's house Liam jumped into the car and came home with me.  Him and Connor got busy playing a game on the computer and when I went to drop him off at home Connor did some work on Wendy's computer for her.  There is so much love between these two beautiful boys ...
My takkies in the boot
 This morning, Monday, I put my takkies and gym towel in the car and when 3pm rolled around I thought I would stay and work a bit later as Connor is staying late at college ~ I am very proud of how hard he is working to stay ahead of the game.  My colleague Delphine piped up "Lynn, it's 3" and I took that as the message to get my butt out the door and get to the gym.  I parked my car, changed shoes in the parking lot, took off my jacket, fortunately the pants I wore to work today double as smart pants but are actually gym pants.
Replaced by my work shoes, knee hi's and jacket
I walked for 25 minutes, did 100 reps on my favourite back machine and then 10 minutes on the bicycle.  GO ME!!!!!

Mom is making us chicken schnitzels and I'm getting sweet potato fries ... Now that wraps up a Monday perfectly.

I am going to do some work on the page I did about my niece's engagement as I had a bright idea today for the title ... I will share it with you if it works out!!!!

Hope you all had a Magnificent Monday and a relaxing evening!!!


  1. Well done with the gym routine. There is nothing quite like the relationship between cousins.

  2. I love to see the relationship grow between these two even though they have a number of years between them.