Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Hike @ Groenkloof ~ 20 April 2014

We met Ali at Groenkloof for a 5km hike followed by a 'build a roll brunch'.

The weather was perfect for a morning of walking.  Just after we got started Ali spotted this amazing spider web ...
 Along the path there is a water trough and since our last walk someone has added this picture to the water tank ...

 Richard made the walk extra interesting for Connor and Liam as he explained about the footprints in the sand and also some of the surrounding historical sites ... One Military Hospital, the Voortrekker Monument and the battle of blood river, the Forts in the area ~ Now if history was explained to me like this in school I might have paid more attention!!!  I am constantly trying to figure out how he keeps all this information in his head!!! 

We were searching for some of the wild life in the park and suddenly 5 zebra came walking along the path to the watering hole ... It is always amazing to see them close up ... This is where Ali and I were standing and you can see how close they came to Richard and the boys.
 I was intrigued to see that they seem to suck the water into their mouths rather than lap it up.

 There was a myriad of wild flowers everywhere ... I love this little one which looks like a bouquet on it's own!
After our walk we set up our table and chairs, Richard boiled the kettle for tea/coffee and we made ourselves a roll with a wonderful choice of fillings (ham/beef/chicken/salad/cheese/mustard/crisps).  After a second cuppa coffee we slowly packed up and made our way home.

Connor took Liam and I for a pancake at the nursery and then we visited Wendy for a while when we dropped Liam off.  We spent a quiet evening at home ~ and after the first Strictly Come Dancing show I spent some time at my scrapbook table ... All in all a WONDERFUL Sunday.

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  1. Beautiful photos. The one of the spider web is amazing. We are blessed to live in this beautiful country.