Monday, 21 April 2014

Around here ... 10 - 18 April 2014

10 April ~ Easter Sisters Dinner ... We met at Casa Rossi and had a lovely evening of catching up and good food (we decided to order two dishes and share).

I gave each of my sisters a notebook, coffee, socks (as all you need is coffee and warm socks!!!) and easter eggs.

12 April ~ Connor and I visited the Rheinicke's ~ we wanted to wish Lorenzo's who had celebrated his birthday during the week and we also had to finalise arrangement as Connor is accompanying Andy to her matric ball o the 24th.

Look how big Lua has gotten!!!

 We were sitting at the kitchen table having coffee and chatting and Connor and Andy were sitting with a chair between them and Marian said "I hope you guys are going to sit closer at the ball" which prompted Connor to get up and move Andy's chair away from the table and say "Is this better!!???".  Andy of course blushed like a beetroot.

I am delighted that Connor and Andy are friends and that he is going with her to the ball.
 14 April ... My attempt at capturing the sunrise ...
18 April ... We had a wonderfully relaxing day scrapbooking at Leonie's home.  I got two double pages done (will share the pages later).
 On my way home I captured the sunset ~ It is quite difficult when you are driving on the highway and taking photos ... I think I did a pretty good job not knowing exactly where my camera was pointed!!!


  1. I'd trade away my motorcycle if I could get adopted as one of your sisters!

    1. And I would adopt you with or without trading your motorcycle!!!!