Monday, 10 March 2014

Blue Monday

This morning started out with me leaving home earlier than usual and getting to work later than usual!!! And ended with me slamming out of a frustrating meeting with my boss (which she advised us of at 8 last night) after getting through mounds of work during the day ... It just feels like your best is no longer good enough!!!  Now that's my whine for the day!

What did brighten up this very dreary day was
  1. this gorgeous bunch of flowers in my entrance hall which was given to me by my friend Linda Cresswell after her birthday party.  The red roses come out of her garden and are absolutely gorgeous!!!  And I do so love proteas!
  2. An hour's session at the gym with my son.

Hope your start to the week was better than mine!


  1. Shame Lynn. Hope things will look up the rest of the week xx
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. Aunty Lynn, I think it had that effect in every country. The atmosphere in my office was just terrible! On the bright side, the week is looking much better. Xx

  3. Gosh Lynn...I have had blue Mondays every day for these past few weeks...and the end isn't in sight. I cringe if I think what we are still going to unearth.

    1. Hello special lady … You are in my thoughts and prayers! I cannot imagine how disappointed you and K are with what has happened and the “blue
      Mondays” even when it is not Monday are really difficult to handle. I am so happy that it is Friday as I have had a long hard week and I am ready
      for a little down time this weekend although I have a huge amount of stuff I need to get done before an extremely busy week coming up … thank-
      fully it is a holiday on Friday and I am scrapping on Saturday and Sunday.

      Have a great weekend.