Sunday, 9 February 2014

Weekend Round-Up ...

On Friday evening we went to The Glen for dinner and popped past Vodacom to check when our phones are due for upgrade.  Connor's contract for his data was due and he managed to get a 7 inch tablet on upgrade ... WOW!!!! for only R40 more!  He was beyond delighted.  I will use his tablet until I can sort out with the insurance based on the impact it will have on our payments, etc.

Saturday morning the boys went off to Full Throttle in Edenvale and Connor got himself a nice shirt to use when riding his board (see the silly boy on the left!!!).  While they were gone I ran a hot bath and spent 3 hours languishing in the bath with a book ... Second Chance by Karen Kingsbury.  It is a wonderful story and I finished it in the time I was in the bath.  When the boys got back I said that I REALLY felt like a banana & caramel pancake so we went off to the coffee shop at the Nursery and had lunch after dropping Mom at the casino ~ The second photo is taken at the nursery and you can see how happy Connor is with his tablet!  I was exhausted so spent some time on the couch watching Figure Skating at the Olympics.  After fetching Mom from the casino we got Nando's for dinner.

This morning I was up at 5 after being bullied by a mosquito and caught up on facebook, read e-mails and updated my blog.  Richard got up at 7h20 and made us tea, I jumped in the shower, got Connor up and him and I went off to Home Affairs to apply for a new ID book.  It took us all of half an hour to apply for the ID book and get a temporary ID ... they were very quiet and very efficient!

On our way back we met Noleen and Gordon at Cafe Chicago and had some brunch and afterwards I took them for a spin around the block in my new car.  Wendy was our next stop and when we left Jarod came with to go riding with Connor.  After popping home I dropped the boys off in a road behind Connor's high school and then went to The Glen to buy ink for the printer.  I went back and spent some time taking photos of the boys ...



This is Natasha!  Connor's custom downhill set-up.
We dropped Jarod at home and while I had coffee with Wendy Connor and the boys went out riding again.  I got a quick tutorial from Wendy on how to add labels to my posts ~ So I have some work to keep me busy on my blog for quite a while.

Richard put the Rhino horn onto my car and I have been trying to figure out where to put all my goodies in the car ... Connor decided on this place as the home for my Teddy Bear and he looks very happy there.

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and are ready and refreshed for the week ahead.


  1. A lady that loves red. Cute little teddy bear.

    1. This is the third car my teddy has accompanied me in so he has been around for more than 15 years and I love him to bits.

  2. WOW look at how grown up Jarod is!! :)