Monday, 10 February 2014

February Intentions/Actions

I didn't post any Intentions/Actions for January so I feel like I didn't get much done.  

Merely posting my Intentions/ Actions makes me much more focused and you may see some things on here that you have seen before and that's also OK.  So although it is already the second week of February here goes ...

  1. Daihatsu
    ~ Replace windscreen
    ~ Back windscreen wiper to be repaired
    ~ Check exhaust
  2. Finish Jo's scrapbook
  3. Gym ~ Continue the momentum
  4. Read a book ... Second Chances by Karen Kingsbury
  5. Plan layouts for March scrap-a-thon
  6. Tailor ~Skirt to be made from "Mary's material"
    Jeweler ~ Ring from all my stones/other rings
  7. Spring clean the Zozo
  8. Paper clutter ~ Continue to sort all paper
  9. House inventory ~ Update and speak to insurance (after the break-in on Friday morning this is urgent)
  10. Documents file ~ Update
  11. Appointments ~ Zen Bali / Naturally You
  12. February & March Birthdays and Cards
    Plan/Buy gifts / Make cards
  13. Make word of the year Charms

    Well, that's it ... Let's see how much I can get done ... I will report back at the end of the month.


  1. I just diarise the important things and then fly by the seat of my pants :-P

    1. Hi Lynette, There are days like that but then I also like to do a brain dump regularly so that I remember all the things that could get lost in the everyday panic.

  2. I ticked three items off my 'Things to do Today' list today. Other things I did achieve were never on the list (but necessary like scheduling an ENT visit for Jarod after taking him to the Dr. this morning and finding that the boy has tonsilities - but hardly complains, just says it feel uncomfortable)... tomorrow has a few items already and most of them are to do with my blog and photography.

    Remember - be gentle :-)

    1. Those are the things that need to actually be on the list but they get a mental tick anyways ~ Hope it gets sorted quickly.

      Good luck with the things you want to get done tomorrow. My banana bread tonight was not on the written list but was in my head as well because I didn't want the bananas to go to waste.