Sunday, 9 February 2014

My Heart Door

My friends and family all know that I LOVE Flyday ~ Even being what is known as "born organised" in FlyLady language her system makes 100% sense to me.

This FlyLady post really intrigued me ... I could not fathom how in February people still had up Thanks Giving/Christmas decorations but then I got to thinking how we become unconscious to the clutter that is around us and we can walk past something every day and not notice it.  

Dear Friends,

This month and next month we only have one day in Zone 1. This zone contains our front porch, entrance and our dining room. The other zones will get a full week.

Saturday February 1st. Mission

We all know that some of you still have some holiday decorations on your front porch. I am not even going to ask which holiday. Today I want you to throw out these decorations or put them away. I don't care if you have to shovel a foot of snow to get to them. It is time for these remnants of past holidays to quit shaming you to all your neighbors.

If you don't have any wayward decorations, then you can put up some Valentine ones or pretty up your porch. Think about being a stranger and walking up on your front porch. Would you feel welcome? Sweep your walk and the cobwebs from around your door. Then clean the finger prints off the glass. Step back and enjoy your beautiful entrance.

This entrance greets you every day of your life. I want you to smile when you come home.


When FlyLady said that you can put up some Valentine decorations I thought I would share my resident Valentine Door ... this is my front door and I tidied it up the other day after getting this gorgeous heart from my friend Michelle ...

This little "Home Is" saying has been hanging on our front door for more years than I can remember.  It has stood the test of time and still looks pretty good and I think it is a true reflection of our home.

I love walking into my home and seeing the hearts every day.

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  1. I discovered a Christmas ornament hanging from my front door knob this morning.