Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bandit goes to the vet

Our dog Bandit has been battling with his right foot for a while ... the hair grows very thick between the pads on his foot and because he runs around and jumps against the back wall (he is very nosey and tries to see what the neighbours are doing) it gets tender and he won't allow my Mom to go near the foot.  So we arranged with the vet to anaesthetise him and sort out his feet, cut his nails and then shave him.  This morning he was this cute fluffy little bundle of fun and this afternoon he was an unhappy short haired dog ... However, when we got him home and started playing with his ball in the back garden his sweet temperament was back ... Here he is in action ...

 This used to be a proper soccer ball which is now a flat thing that does not resemble a ball at all!!!
"OK! I'm ready to play!"

 He brings the ball right to your feet and then stands there and watches you waiting for you to kick the ball.

Once you kick the ball he goes flying after it and brings it back for another kick.

I call him our little soccer star.  This sweet dog has so much character.


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  2. The fur children always manage to give a lot of happines ;-)