Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Catch-Up

My Monday was highlighted by leaving the office a bit early and fetching my friend Emily from work and taking her home.  I delivered her and my 'daughter' Pretty's Christmas gifts at the same time and got to see all the work they have done on their home in the past year.  Their house has increased in size by over 100% and Emily is extremely proud of it.  I so wish I had the means to take a crew and go to her home and finish it off for her ... the roofing needs to be finished, plastering, painting and some decorating needs to be done. 

Connor and I went to gym on Monday night and got in a good 45 minutes workout before the gym closed early.  I felt really good after my workout and happy to be back after an upside down two weeks after my hunny's operation.
Tuesday was a short day at work ... we were given permission to leave at 12h30 so I hustled the girls out the office after working hard and fast.  I went through to Builders to get my hunny's extra Christmas gift and a quick visit to The Glen which was chaotic with last minute frantic Christmas shoppers.  We spent a quiet evening at home. 

It is amazing to think that Christmas Day has been and gone and I guess there are a lot of people out there who are super exhausted after yesterday.  Fortunately I am not one of them!  Yesterday morning we were up early and opened our Christmas gifts and then I took my Mom to my sister Noleen's house for breakfast.  I had a quick cuppa coffee with her and also made the scrambled eggs for their breakfast then came home and spent some time relaxing with my hunny.  We took a leisurely drive through to our lunch destination ~ Bentley's in Akasia, Pretoria.  It was our first visit and we had a good time.  Sadly there was an elderly lady at the table next to us who fell ill during lunch which was very stressful for her family ... when we left the paramedics were seeing to her and I pray that she is OK.
Here are some photos to share from our day ...

Connor was delighted to get Gunslinger by Stephen King from us and then couldn't believe his eyes when he opened two Dr Who t-shirts which I had ordered from the USA. 
  Our friend, Linda Wood, gave him this shaving kit which he was very happy with. 
 He got this extra large water bottle and money from his God Mother.

When I asked my Hunny what he wanted for Christmas he said he wanted some spanners for his motorbike toolkit.  I hid them in this box of fruit pastilles.

 My niece Gina and her little one Bradley had slept over at Noleen's house so I got to see him for a bit on Christmas morning ... he is such a precious little ball of mischief.
 Great Aunt and Great Gran

Our lunch at Bentleys ...

  The Christmas hats were so big that they were actually better suited to being scarves than hats!!!

Connor spent some time with Byron yesterday afternoon and we picked him up at 5 and when Mom got home she made us pancakes for dinner and we were in bed by 9:30 which meant I was up at just after 4 this morning.  I am going to jump in the shower now and get ready for the day. 

Hope your Christmas Day was super awesome and that you got spoiled rotten.


  1. An awesome day spent with such special family.
    Did not realise that your hubby had an operation. Hope all is well.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. Sounds like it was a wonderful day indeed

  3. Sounds like it was a wonderful day indeed

  4. Dearest Lynnie, I've just managed to catch up on your blog! So glad that Richard has recovered from his op & that you all had such a wonderful Christmas & New Year! I look forward to catching up at our lunch next Wednesday! Love you!