Sunday, 17 November 2013

Weekend Roundup ~ Part 3

Saturday 16 November ~ I was up early and rushed to the office to get my laptop sorted and after sitting for nearly 20 minutes waiting to be connected to an agent he "sorted out my laptop" and when I logged off and logged on, of course after putting the phone down!!!!, I found that my laptop was in fact not sorted out but I couldn't phone again as I had an appointment for a wax and pedicure.  I went through to the gym where the salon is and had a very enjoyable time chatting with Christina and then back home to fetch Mom (dropped her off at the casino) and Connor (dropped him at his friend Free a.k.a. Rachel).  I visited West Pack and got some containers for Christmas gifts ... as I have got the gifts so early I am worried that they will get very dusty so my solution is to make the containers part of the gift ~ a very handy solution and also something that the recipients can use afterwards.
I fetched Connor after 4 and when Richard got home we decided to try Spur for dinner ... again it was proven why we don't go to Spur anymore!!!!  My steak was warm and my potato cold.  We spent the rest of the evening quietly at home and at 9h30 the lights were out and we were fast asleep.
Sunday 17 November ~ Connor asked if he could take us for breakfast at Hyde Park as he wanted to go to Exclusive Books.  On the M1 we saw the guys riding the 94.7 and we even saw one of the bride & bridegroom pairs ~ for those of you who don't live in Johannesburg ... this is a 94.7km cycle race.  This year they had a competition for couples who are getting married ~ you had to ride the whole race in wedding gear and those who finished went into a lucky draw to win a honeymoon in Mauritius to the value of R70,000.
We had a delightful breakfast at Life and afterwards did some shopping at Woolies and CNA. 
I spent the afternoon wrapping Christmas gifts ... My gift list has 31 people on it and so far it looks like this:-
> 20 gifts = totally finished
> 6 gifts = partially finished
> 3 gifts = have an idea ~ need to buy them
> 2 gifts = have no clue!!!

Gifts in containers and ready for delivery
3 of the partially complete gifts
And then I also wrapped birthday gifts ... 
30th November ... surprise party for Ali's brother
Jarod - 23 November / Bradley 26 November / Norma 15 December
Sam = 27 December
 So that takes care of item 3, 10 and 12 on my November Actions list.
I am now going to take care of item 11 ... Make Christmas Gift tags.
Hope you have all had a stunning weekend and are ready to take on another week!


  1. Wow you have an impressive gift list for Christmas. Love the container idea.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

  2. Hey Desire, I love to give simple gifts that people can use and that do not become clutter. I am so happy that I am already 70% finished ~ it takes a lot of pressure out of December. I LOVE containers and try and incorporate them into as many gifts as I can as they come in so handy.

  3. I dislike going to Spur...their food is expensive and not good at all. We only go to spend time with the children and grandchildren.

    You are so organised on the gift front. I haven't even started.

    1. Hi Lynette,

      I used to love Spur but after having many disappointing visits I have come to really dislike it … Connor suggested it so we gave it one
      last try and again I was thoroughly disappointed!!! They will definitely not be seeing me again.

      I am really happy with how far I am with my Christmas shopping … today I did a bit more. I want to be totally finished by 1 December
      and it looks like for the first time every I will get it right.

  4. Hey buddy. I've said this before but it bears repeating -- you are one of the nicest people on the planet. Your comments always make me smile and your remarks today were especially wonderful. Thank you!!