Sunday, 17 November 2013

Weekend Roundup ~ Part 2

Thursday 14 November ~ I was up early to make my hunny a cuppa tea before he left at 05h30 to meet up with Mitch in Alberton to start their trip to Sani Pass.  The sunrise was rather gorgeous when I went outside.  I also took some "before" photos of the motorbike and the gorgeous rider.
 This is the speedometer (in miles when he left) and it was standing on 11875 ... that is 1,350 km's.
 His rhino horn has stood the test of time and is a source of pleasure to many people who see him on his bike. 

 Graeme kindly lent Richard his Go Pro camera.

"Bye hunny, have a great time"

Nov 12 ... Lesotho and now there is another trip to add to the list which is Nov 13!

The KING OF THE MOUNTAIN ~ I just love this photo Mitch took of my hunny!!!
Thankfully he arrived home safe and sound on Saturday afternoon ~ happily exhausted, wind burnt and muddy.


  1. Awesome photos of your hubby. It seems like he had a wonderful adventure.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

    1. Hi Desire, He sure did ~ He loves riding his motorbike as much as I love scrapbooking!!! And this weekend was just what the doctor ordered!!

  2. The photo of you man and the mountain is magnificent.

    1. I agree ... I am so happy that Mitch took that photo. I am going to enlarge it and do a special page.