Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Umhlanga Rocks ... Chapter 1

Wonderful M&B Cofee!!!
Monday 23rd September ... We left home at 05h10 this morning and stopped at the Highveld 1 Stop for coffee and petrol then on to Harrismith for a Wimpy breakfast.

Kewl dude!!!! @ Gateway
When we got to Umhlanga we went to Gateway to have some lunch and buy some swimming trunks for Connor ~ The paperwork said that check in time was 16h00 but when we arrived at the offices to fetch the keys at around 3 there were not problems.  We checked into the flat and while the boys went to the beach my hunny and I went to VW  to have the car checked (we  experienced some problems with the  car  ... it had started misfiring and it got worse as we travelled) they could not conclusively say what was wrong and said we should drop the car back on Wednesday.

Mom!!! It really is a family restaurant!!!

We were treated to a lovely dinner at Lord Prawn by Wendy, Graeme and the boys.  The boys then went to Spur at Umhlanga Sands to 'check out girls' while the grown ups had coffee at our flat.  We fell into bed a bit later.

Cute boys at the beach

I decided on a make up free week
Tuesday 24th September
Today is Heritage Day in South Africa and also our friends Lorenzo and Marian's 6th Wedding Anniversary.  The boys went down to the beach and Richard and I went and did some shopping.  We did a burger & beer lunch at Spur ... and I got hot food!!!  We had Philidelphia cheese with sweet chilli sauce and chicken strips for dinner and dropped the boys off at Gateway.  We watched some TV until we fetched the boys.

Wednesday 25th September ... Richard was up early and took the car to VW.  When he got back we walked with the boys to the beach and had a hot chocolate and latte at a little café called La Spaggia. We had a long walk along the walkway and relaxed at the flat and watched You've Got Mail.  We went to Subway for dinner and are waiting for the boys to come home from watching a soccer match on a big screen at a pub in town.  When they get home I am going to drop into bed ... sea air really makes me tired.

These two boys are really silly ... if you didn't know them and you just saw these pictures you would think they were more than best friends!!!!  When we were walking into the village we saw this trolley along the road and decided to deliver it back to Woolies ... VERY special cargo!!!
We really enjoyed our Subway dinner.

Hope you have all had a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. Sure sounds like you're taking it nice and easy! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. Was thinking that we actually needed to spend a few more days away as we had barely started to relax when it was time to head home.
    ps Did Connor find his yoyo?

  2. Glad you all got safe to your destination in the end xxx
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  3. I know just what you mean by the sea air. Have been sorely needing a midday snooze since we got to Plett.