Sunday, 29 September 2013

Umhlanga ... Chapter 2

Thursday 26 September ... This morning we walked the boys down to the beach and had coffee at La Spaggia (they make a really good latte!!!) and arranged to meet the boys at Spur at 12h30.  We had just gotten our food when VW called to say the car was ready ... The driver was really cheeky when Richard asked to be fetched at 2 so we decided to get a taxi to 'town' ... a taxi driver showed us the hand sign for Gateway but we think the drivers thought we were joking so when a metered taxi stopped behind us we asked if he was for hire ... so R50 later we arrived on the doorstep of VW.  We had another light dinner of Philidelphia Cheese and biscuits before going to Gateway to see Red 2 ... We all loved the movie.

Friday 27 September ... This morning Richard got a call from VW to say they received the part they needed to finish off the repairs and he arranged for us to drop the car off at 13h30 ... our first stop was U-Shaka Marine World ... the boys were very excited  and while they were there we went to visit Aunty Ria ... I feel very guilty that I have not kept contact with her a lot during the last year ... it is amazing how quickly the time passes and we don't do what we want to do ... I think about her every day however by the time I get home, have dinner, etc. then it is too late to call her and what with not having a desk job it makes it difficult to talk to her during the day ... still no excuse!!!  We had a lovely 2 hours with her and then drove back to Umhlanga to drop the car at VW for them to finish off the repairs.  We walked to Gateway and had some lunch and just as we started walking around they called to say the car was ready.  Did some shopping for dinner and the boys called to say they were ready to be collected.
We decided to pop past the harbour for something to drink ... I loved seeing the harbour up close.  I just imagine how organised the whole operation must be as it runs 24/7.  We went back to the flat and I made hamburgers (Lynn's patties) and strawberry milkshakes for dinner ... got a thumbs up from all concerned! We spent a quiet evening at home.
A very interesting cloud in the background

This bird flew down and stood very still for me to take photos of him.
 The railing as you drive into the wharf is absolutely beautiful

Saturday 28 September ... Today dawned grey and VERY wet.  The boys asked if they could go to Gateway so Richard dropped them off and I stayed at home, in my pyjamas, and watched TV the whole day.  
You can't see the sea it was so overcast and grey

Byron is in Cajun Calamari heaven!!!


When the boys got home I jumped in the shower and we went to Olive & Oil for a fancy dinner.
This is definitely my favourite restaurant in Umhlanga.  Byron was blown away again by the food and the service.  The perfect end to a lazy day.

Byron had Mediterranean Chicken for his main course which he said was delicious.  I had Parma Ham & Camembert Chicken ... spectacular!!! 


  1. All sounds so familiar after having been a Durbanite or rather a Kloof-a-nite for six years. Gateway was often a Sunday outing for us. Glad the car got sorted.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. The food looks awesome. Lovely photos Lynn.