Saturday, 14 September 2013

Happy Birthday Madison

My friend Marian's daughter Madison turned 5 on Monday and today was her birthday party.  I offered to arrange the party packs for the kids and packed them in these Big Jim tubs (which are part of Marian and Lorenzo's 6th Wedding Anniversary gift for the 24th).  I got up early this morning, did my blog post for Thursday and Friday, had breakfast, showered and got ready ... we popped past Sunrise Sweets to get some juice for the packs and then went through to Marian's house to see what we could do to help.
I jumped in and got the dishes sorted out while Esti (Lorenzo's gorgeous sister) worked with the birthday girl on making yummy fruit kebabs.  Andi (Marian's sister) was busy icing the Hello Kitty cake and I helped finish decorating the cupcakes.

Here are some photos on my camera (still need to download Connor's photos) ...
Connor took this 'langarm' shot of us.
"Meow!!!" Marian and her domestic assistant Grace

Connor and Andi with their cameras
Connor and Esti ... Marian battled to get the two of them in the photo!!!
Lorenzo with Evan and Madison

 I spent some quiet time in the kitchen with Lua while feeding her some rooibos tea ... she is such a cutie pie!!!
My gorgeous boy helped so much ~ I am so proud to be his Mom.

We only left the party after 7 by which time we were both exhausted ... poor Marian still had to entertain some guests until 9pm!!!
Well it is now 10h20 and I am off to bed ... Hope you had a Stunning Saturday!!!!

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