Saturday, 14 September 2013

From Sunrise to Sunset X 2

I arranged to have a quick cuppa coffee and catch-up with my old boss Saras at Europa in our Head Office building in Sandown ... On my way there I experienced another spectacular sunrise ...
M1 North
Another one captured while driving through Melrose
 After coffee I rushed back to the office for a meeting followed by a hearing ... thankfully the outcome was better than we expected and the staff member was issued with a second written warning ... I was well expecting a final written warning.  Connor and I sped through to Westpack in Alberton to get the makings of party packs for Madison's birthday on Saturday and on our way home I stopped on the side of the road for Connor to take a photo of this gorgeous bouquet ... 
 Another one of my 'most favourite things' is lillies ... I have had this plant in my garden for quite a while but it just was not doing well and I can't remember it ever having a flower on it.  My Mom transplanted it the other day and suddenly it is 'happy' ... Is this not too gorgeous?
 Yesterday morning my first 'sighting' of the sun was on Mooi/Wemmerpan Road just before I climbed onto the highway ... the sun was hanging low in the sky with a cloud across the bottom of it ...
 As I drove into Newtown Avenue with my office in sight the sun was right above our building ...
Now I know that summer is on it's way as usually at this time in winter I would be sitting at my desk with the blinds open waiting for the sun to show it's face!  Our boss arranged for the team to go through the Insights Discovery programme yesterday.  I really was not in the mood for this but at the end of the day I did enjoy it.  We finished up just before 3:30 and I rushed to my car to brave the traffic which thankfully was not bad at all.  I called to check where Richard and Connor were and I met them at The Glen for a cuppa coffee.  Connor wanted to do some shopping so Richard left us there and on our way home we stopped in at Comaro Crossing to get pizzas for dinner (I didn't feel like pizza so I had Rum & Raisin ice-cream instead!!!).  When we came out of the shopping centre and stopped at the traffic light we saw this amazing sunset ...
 And then as we drove down our road my breath was taken away by this sight ...
I called Richard and took him across the road to have a look at the sunset.  Each time I see the sunrise and sunset I wonder how people can say there is no God.
The reason Richard and Connor were at The Glen was that Connor had a hairdresser appointment.  He wanted to get his hair cut a week before his Matric Dance and I think he looks GORGEOUS!!! I love this boy the moon and back a million times!!!!

We spent the evening quietly in front of the TV catching up on some stuff on PVR and then tucked into bed early.  So here I am and it is Saturday morning before 7 ... I am going to jump in the shower and get ready for the day ... Wishing you a Stunning Saturday!!!


  1. You are a true sun catcher! Of course the lilly flowered after being nurtured by your mom's green fingers lol.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

    1. Hey Desire, I am amazed at how many people do not even take notice of the sunrise or sunset … Like the full moon drives me crazy the sunrise and sunset starts and ends my day perfectly. I wish I lived on a hill so I could see both every day!

      My Mom does have green fingers and is always proud when something she has worked on in the garden looks good.

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I, too, adore the sunrise & sunset but do not have your energy for the early mornings & so usually only manage the sun set which just happens to set right along the road down from my office! I need desperately to find a way to teach myself how to go to bed earlier so i can wake early, get a walk in and get to work earlier! BTW I can always see the full moon from where I sit in the TV lounge - from now on I will have another thing to think of you when I see it!
    Please tell Connor I think he looks cool with his new hair cut! Xoxoxo

    1. Hey my friend, I am so happy to hear that you also love sunrise and sunset. I get to experience the amazing sunrises because I so hate the traffic ~ It is the blessing/reward I get every morning for being out the door early. I do limit myself mostly to 10pm as bedtime so that when the alarm goes at 5 I am ready to get out of bed.

      Connor says thanks for the message. Love you lots Xoxoxoxxxxx

  3. Do you perhaps know the name of those purple flowers that you happened to see along the side of the road? When I was a young girl & living on a mine to the north west of Zimbabwe my dad, who like your mom, had incredible green fingers, used the side of a hill to dig terrace upon terrace of flower beds. There was no limit to how far our garden could go as it was all bush. My dad planted every colour of those flowers because they needed little water or maintenance but Ive never remembered their name. I would love to plant some in our back garden where the sun is merciless right round the year. Xoxo

  4. I prefer watching sunrise from my bed :-P

  5. Hey Lynette, That would be wonderful however you experienced the traffic in Jhb and I live with that every day so it is 'Sunrise on the run for me'. LOL!!!