Sunday, 30 June 2013

Where have the days gone?

I have had a whirlwind couple of days ... Friday morning I was at my desk at 06h30 (walked onto my floor before the lights went on) and left again at 18h15 after spending the late afternoon early evening with Mpho (one of my managers) preparing for a hearing on Monday morning.  After dinner Connor asked if we would take him to McDonalds as he was craving an ice-cream ... the queue at the drive through and inside was very long so he had to wait a while to be served.  Spent the rest of the evening in front of the telly vegetating ... there is so much that I need to do but not enough energy to get it done (darn!!!).

Saturday morning came around all too soon and I battled to get out of bed.  I eventually surfaced when I was supposed to be out the door!!!  I spent the morning with Nthabiseng at Westgate Lower Level preparing for another hearing on Monday and rushed out there after one.
I spent the afternoon at my friend Marian Rheinicke's baby shower which was held at a friend's house in Eagle Canyon Estate ... I got lost going in and then REALLY lost trying to find my way out of this HUGE estate.
Here are some photos I took at the shower ...
Marian's kids were invited to come and play so she was really taken aback when she saw all of us there.

We were asked to wear something pink or purple ... I wore the only pink thing I have in my wardrobe.
Marian's Mom Linda ... she had on a gorgeous scarf which Marian brought back from her recent trip to Bali which she lent her Mom as she didn't know about the pink/purple request.

 This is a 'nappy cake' which Marian's sister in law Esti got for her ... it consists of 48 nappies, clothing articles and Ferrero Rocher choccies for the parents.

After dinner I relaxed on the couch with my hunny and then went to bed early.

Now I am off to the shower and then taking Master G to meet Keisha for breakfast and then on to Kyle's birthday party ... will share photos of the day later.