Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Dear Diary ... Is this what Dr Who experiences?

Dear Diary,  I feel like Dr Who in his Tardis hurtling through time.  Here I am and it is Tuesday morning already.  The weekend flew past in an absolute flash and Monday is done and dusted ... so what did I get up to???
Saturday morning : I helped my friend Alison stencil a design on her dining room and guest bedroom walls which she had painted in cashmere paint ... this is the end result ...

In the dining room we used a varnish to stencil the design on the wall.  It is very subtle and looks great when the light catches it.  These two gorgeous paintings were done by Alison and look stunning against the newly painted walls.
 We then decided to use the colour paint that the rest of the walls are painted for the pattern in the guest bedroom.  We were much happier with how this came out.
 After cleaning up we popped into Mugg & Bean and shared a toasted sarmie and were not happy when they said they had run out of Lemon Meringue pie so we substituted with peanut butter milkshakes.  Connor spent the late afternoon at The Glen with a friend and I pottered around.  We decided that we would make Sunday Father's Day as I am away next weekend.  While Connor was at The Glen he got his Dad the full set of Tintin books ...
Yep ... that's his excited look!!!

 We had breakfast at our favourite place on Sunday morning.  Connor and I had French toast and Richard had a frittata.

Connor educating his Dad on the cell phone
 I had high hopes of getting a whole host of scrapbooking prep done for this weekend but alas nothing got done.  In the late afternoon we popped round to Wendy as Graeme needed some help on his motorbike and then went past Norma for Richard to fix a light switch.  Of course I watched Strictly Come Dancing after dinner.  So that was the weekend done.

Monday ... I sat in the traffic for an hour after dropping Connor at school and after a quick meeting the team decided that we were going to "cash in" our recognition vouchers ~ so to Tasha's in Rosebank we went.  Even though it was freezing we each had a milkshake followed by a light lunch.
My gorgeous colleagues ... Saras, Mary and Delphine

Saras chose a Bar One milkshake.
Delphine braved a cherry marshmallow milkshake.
Mary also decided on the Bar One milkshake.
Only one choice for me ... peanut butter and pecan nut pie!!!
After lunch we went back to the office, got a call from the new "big boss" Colleen (who is Saras' cousin and the reason she is moving jobs) to advise us that or new boss is Philisiwe Dladla.  Phili then called each of us to say "Hi" and that she would see us sometime this week ~ we all finished up and left the office together at 5.  Thankfully the traffic wasn't too bad and I got home just before 6.  Spent the evening quietly and went to bed early. 

And now I am going to jump into the shower and get ready for today.  I am starting out at Westgate Branch where we are having breakfast ... looking forward to seeing what the theme is going to be today ~ last time it was "Every Dog Has It's Day" and we were served breakfast in dog bowls.  I will update you later.  Keep warm and wishing you a Terrific Tuesday!!!


  1. Busy as always, bit I am sure a very fulfilling weekend. I did not realise that Alison was so artistic and paints so beautifully.
    Yip winter has finally arrived.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

    1. Hi Desire, Alison is SUPER talented! I am in awe of her talents.

      Today winter showed again that she is really here ... my poor car was frozen this morning.

  2. I enjoy hearing how full your life is. And you get major credit for knowing about "Doctor Who"!

  3. Thanks for your sweet comment Ally.

    I even know that Matt Smith is the 11th Doctor ~ My son LOVES Dr Who but my love stopped when David Tennant saved a friend by absorbing radiation which killed him and his body regenerated into the new Doctor (or something like that!!!).

  4. You are a very busy lady. I saw the photos of the stencilling on Allison's blog....I love the flowers.