Friday, 24 May 2013

What's on your ...

My friend Alison posted this "List" on her blog ... and I decided to see what my responses are ....

This is a list that's doing the rounds, including on the blogs of Ali Edwards and Wilna Furstenburg. Here's my list...


  • VANITY |  Nothing ... everything is inside my wardrobe.
  • PERENNIAL TO DO LIST |  declutter, exercise, reading list, back up my photos, coffee dates with friends, monthly sisters dinners.
  • REFRIGERATOR SHELVES | Cheese, eggs, full fat milk, yoghurt, Ultra Mel custard, chocolate (for my chocaholic hubby).
  • ITINERARY |  Scrapbooking retreat to Good Shepherd in June.
    > Visit my niece in Texas and at the same time pop into Disney and as many scrapbook shops as possible and then a couple of yoyo shops for Connor and seeing as I am in Texas I will pop in and see my precious friend Queen Joan.
    > Visit my friends Nats and Jo in New Zealand.
  • PLAYLIST |  Whatever is on 94.7.  However my dream playlist includes
    > Justin Timberlake ... I saw him on Ellen and fell in love!!! and
    > Keith Urban! Thank heavens he is staying on as a judge on Idols!
    I bought The Best of Keith Urban and Justin's new CD this afternoon!  Can't wait to listen to them.
  • NIGHT STAND | "Fried" by Joan Borysenko PhD;  "The Seed" by Jon Gordon; "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin and I am currently reading "The Light Between The Oceans" by ML Stedman.
  • WORKOUT PLAN | walking ~ need to get back to it soon.
  • IPHONE | don't have one.
  • TOP 5 LIST |  spending time with my hunny and son, scrapbooking with the girls, knitting,  blogging, dinner with my sisters
  • BUCKET LIST |  Haven't made one but definitely my fantasy itenerary items are on there.  I would also LOVE to attend a Brave Girls Club event and a scrapbooking date with Becky Higgins.
  • MIND |  be kind to everyone as we are all fighting our own battles; how can I help?; see the good; I will make mistakes ... but that is also OK ~ Say "sorry" and start again.
  • WALLS OF YOUR FAVOURITE ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE |  I love the entrance hall in my home ... there is a charcoal drawing of three tenors by South African artist Frida van der Merwe and a beautiful clock.
  • LIQUOR SHELF |  Southern Comfort, 7 Seas Cane, Chivas Regal.
  • LAST CREDIT CARD STATEMENT | The yoyo factory.
  • SCREENSAVER |  Nothing at the moment ~ have a new laptop and haven't had a chance to find the picture I want on it.
  • TV EVERY NIGHT | Monday ~ NCIS; Tuesday ~ Chicago Fire; Wednesday ~ Elementary; Thursday ~ Blue Bloods; Friday & Saturday ~ Nothing in particular; Sunday ~ was Idols.
What's on your list?

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