Sunday, 26 May 2013

Thursday, Friday & Saturday

On THURSDAY when I left the house I took this photo of the pre-sunrise sky ... This photo does not do it justice however it is still rather good ~ you can see the sun lazing around at the bottom of the picture.
Some photos to share ...
MY ROOM at the Metcourt at Emperor's Palace ...

THE DINNER ~ The tables were beautifully decorated at the dinner ... half the tables had bright pink tablecloths and turquoise serviettes and the others had turquoise tablecloths and bright pink serviettes.  We had butternut soup followed by half a chicken, crushed potatoes and veggies and dessert was baked cheesecake which I politely declined. 

OUR TEAM ... Delphine, me, Mary & Saras (Linda took 2 photos and Saras didn't smile in either ... pity that because she is a really pretty lady ~ here she looks like she could be in a commercial or walking the runway at a fashion show!).
 My friend Linda in her new dress which suited the decor perfectly.

FRIDAY : When I was getting ready on Friday morning I saw this heart in the tile next to the basin ... Certainly set the scene for a lovely day!!!
The conference finished around 12h45 and we had a quick lunch before leaving Emperor's Palace. I got home before 2 and my darling hubby accompanied me on a visit to the new Makro in Alberton ... what a beautiful store. It is light and airy and beautifully set out ~ it even has a supermarket area where you can get fresh fruit and veggies and even roast chickens. We got some new mats for my car, a triangle for my friend Leonie's car and some chocolate covered peanuts for my hunny. Then we stopped past The Glen ... got meds at Dischem, had photos printed and had a cuppa coffee at Fego Cafe ... took this photo of my gorgeous man.
As we were leaving The Glen we got a call from Connor asking if we could fetch him from school ~ They had a CANSA Relay and market today ... Their headgirl had lukemia and has been in remission for 2 years and was raising funds for CANSA. 
We gave Byron and Kayla a lift to The Glen and Byron was telling us that his Dad (who is fighting cancer) came to the school and did 2 laps with them.  I was disappointed that Connor didn't invite his Dad (being a survivor) to walk with him.  They had a lot of fun for a good cause ... They had different food stalls and also a shavathon and sprayathon ~ Here he is with his beautiful fashion statement  

And this is what the floor of the shower looked like when he was trying to get this lovely colour out of his hair.  It took a number of washes to get all the colour out.  Straight after his shower he got into bed to watch some movies ... not sure how long he stayed awake.
SATURDAY ... Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's our monthly scrapbooking date.  I was up early and fetched Linda and we drove through to Leonie's house in Pretoria together.  We had coffee and croissants and then visited Scrap-a-doodles ~ I bought some more paper (I am going to be doing books for my nephew's boys) and some embellishments/double sided tape/Martha Steward border punch ~ had a cuppuccino and then back to Leonie's and got a few pages done ~ I started a mini album for my boss Saras who is leaving our team.  I made a pasta dish for lunch, Linda added salad and Lynette supplied the dessert.  We then scrapped until just after 5 when we drove home.  After dinner I spent time with my hunny in front of the TV and caught up on Blue Bloods and Elementary.  Got to bed around 11 and slept soundly until just before 7.

I was supposed to have lunch with my youngest sister, Jenny, today but unfortunately her Mom is in hospital with blood clots in her leg so we have postponed it ... I think I need to go and do the grocery shopping today and then I will get back to my scrap table for the rest of the afternoon.

I hope your weekend has been good so far!  See you later in blogland when I will share the pages I get done today.


  1. Looked like you had a great time at Emperors. I recognise those rooms in which I have slept quite a few times over the years. Love your pre-sunrise photo.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  2. Wow, that sky-scene is amazing. And Connor's hair-color was a shock!

    1. The sky was magnificent.

      I also got a shock when I saw Connor's hair ... thankfully it all washed out.

  3. I love the glimpses into your life Lynn...thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. I find keeping this journal makes me more mindful of what I am doing and seeing. It has made me appreciate the sunrise and sunsets even more than before ... God's glory is amazing ~ and I am sure many people miss out on it in their rush.