Sunday, 5 May 2013

Weekend Roundup

I can't believe that it is nearly Monday again!!!!  Where has the weekend gone and hat did I get up to ???

After a busy Friday we decided to go to Cafe Fego at The Glen for a leisurely dinner ... I had a delicious chicken schnitzel and my boys each had a chicken basket.  We strolled to PNA and got some stationery that we needed at home and then Connor and I got some frozen yoghurt before coming home where I got to work on choosing wedding photos for the scrapbook I have been asked to put together for Bianca (my nephew's sister in law).  I worked until midnight when I fell into bed exhausted and was back at it at 05h50 on Saturday morning ~ I really enjoy making scrapbooks for other people however it is very stressful to have to choose photos for the project ... I hope I have made the right choices!!!
Saturday ... After finishing up the choosing of photos I jumped in the shower, got ready, dropped Mom off at the casino and rushed through to The Glen where we met my friend Delphine and her friend Laila for breakfast ~ at Cafe Fego.  The manager said "Welcome home" as she was on duty on Friday night as well when we were there.  Laila is getting married later this month and Delphine asked if I would print the inside of the invitations that they had bought ... When I printed them I thought they were a bit plain so I stamped the envelopes and also the inside and put some sparkle on them ... I was very happy with the end result as were the girls.  After breakfast we strolled through Crafters Market where I got a couple of gifts ~ It was the first time that Delphine had been into Crafters and she was surprised by what all they have on offer.

 After breakfast Connor decided to go to movies where he saw Iron Man 3 ~ His rating was 9/10 and commented "It was fantastic, I loved it even though it had a sad ending!!!  While he was at the movies I went to Kodak to get the photos printed ... In the days of the point and shoot cameras it was so much easier because you dropped off your spool and went back an hour later and the photos were ready ... now they are ready in a hour but it takes much more than that to 'order' the photos.  The young lady in Kodak was very helpful which made the job a little less painful.  I did some other shopping and then went back to Fego for something to drink before my 13h15 pedicure appointment ~ it was the first time I had gone to Sorbet and I cannot say that I was overly impressed ... I think I will go back to Perfect 10 in the future.  Connor came and waited for me after the movie and on our way out of the centre we collected the photos and came home.  Mom called later and we fetched her and got some Chinese food on the way home.  We spent a very quiet evening in front of the TV and were in bed by 9.
I had a VERY slow and chilly start to this Sunday morning ... I stayed in bed a bit late and then went and spent some time with Connor, had a leisurely bath with my book and after lunch we went through to my friend Marian's house for Evan's 4th birthday party. The theme was Spider man ... with a gorgeous birthday cake.  Marian had organised for a lady to come through with some animals ... it was very exciting for the kids and grown ups alike.  I fed the ducks ~ first time I had ever had a duck eat out of my hand and it was very special.  Connor held a chinchilla ~ a gorgeous little animal with the most amazingly soft fur.  There were rabbits, gerbils and two gorgeous little goats.  We had a lovely afternoon and when we left Marian was exhausted ... being 28 weeks pregnant and having to entertain about 30 adults and just as many children could not have been easy.  Here are some photos I took ...

I managed to get this very nice photo of Evan ... he wasn't being very sociable and when I went to take a photo of him he started throwing balls at me!!!  See the glee on his face.
 Connor petting the goats and then offering his fingers as food to the ducks!!!
 Evan concentrating very hard on his job of feeding this cute little thing.
 Connor and Marian 
 The gorgeous birthday cake.
 Connor fell in love with the cuteness and also the feel of the fur of Chilli the Chinchilla. 
I am not sure who this little girl was but she was so gorgeous that I had to take a photo of her.
When we got home I noticed that our rosebush has two gorgeous roses on it ... I am always amazed how this brightens up the chilly weather and how hardy these gorgeous flowers are.

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and wish you a pleasant week ahead.  I'm off to prepare for the week ahead and then jumping into my warm bed.

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  1. Busy busy weekend it seems. Looking forward to seeing the scrapped wedding pages. Have a great week.
    Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}