Saturday, 7 July 2012

Renewal of Wedding Vows

I really wanted to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary in a special way ~ I booked at Valverde and we decided on 1 July as the perfect date.  I sent out a "Save The Date" mail to our friends and family and later decided that I would do 'eco friendly' invitations and sent out an invitation by e-mail.

30 June : Connor and I met Linda Wood at Multiflora to buy flowers for the tables ... I had already purchased vases about 2 months ago and because I wanted orange as my main colour we decided on roses to match.  Linda gave us the flowers as our gift which really touched my heart.  We then enjoyed a lovely cuppa coffee and Connor had a milkshake at Cafe Dulce.  Connor and I had a couple of errands to run and Linda went and had lunch with her folks and then came through to our house and she worked on putting a gorgeous raffia bow on the vases and I arranged the flowers ... they looked really pretty.  The rest of the afternoon was filled with final preparations and the excitement was really mounting.

1 July : Sheron and I left before the boys and Mom to finalise the table settings at the venue ... Linda Wood let me use her chiffon overlays which she had made for her 40th birthday party and once the overlays, flowers and serviettes were added the tables looked gorgeous.

The chapel area looked so pretty and because the weather was stunningly warm, for a mid winter morning, we decided to have the service in the 'chapel' area.  Look how gorgeous this is!!! 
I took this long arm photo of my hunny and me.  We look quite different to how we looked 25 years ago however thankfully our love has grown and grown and I am happier now than I was 25 years ago when we got married!
When the guests started to arrive I got a bit busy so my friend Alison took my camera and here are two of the gorgeous shots she got of me and my boys.
My friend Delphine's husband, Lucky, who also works for the bank and preaches in their church did a beautiful service for us and included Connor in it which was really special.

Wendy was our 'official' photographer and after the service she took photos of Richard and I with our guests ~ We never did this at our first wedding function and I really want to be able to scrapbook photos of all our precious friends and family who honoured us with their presence at this wonderful celebration.

After the photos we went into the dining room to enjoy a scrumptuous brunch ~ Well I was told that the food was good as I was far too busy flitting around and chatting to all our friends to eat much.  I do remember that the coffee was REALLY good!!!

We left the venue around 3pm and when we got home I gave Richard the pleasure of opening all our gifts ... we got absolutely wonderful gifts and a lot of gift vouchers which I am going to have fun spending.  Here my hunny is inspecting the gift which our friends Petrus and Samantha gave us.

When we were finished opening and photographing all the gifts it was time to find homes and exercise the 'one-in one-out principle' (for those of your who do not know what this is ... each time I buy or receive something then something has to leave for the new item to replace it).  I was delighted to get a few sets of towels as it was time to send some of ours to their 'retirement home'.  Of course as I was packing things away I saw other little things that needed sorting out so I only got to bed at 12h30 however was VERY satisfied with everything I got done.

It is amazing to think that this special day, which I had been looking forward to, is now a thing of the past.  I am looking forward to spending the next 25 years married to my amazing husband.

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  1. Brilliant and well done, the venue looked nice, and all the preparations beforehand also looked good.