Monday, 30 April 2012

It's Monday again!!??

I can't believe that a week has sped past since my last blogpost.  I have a hectic week at work so when I got home I was too exhausted to post anything however I did keep up with reading all the blogs I follow and kept the e-mail box under control ~ that's the home e-mail box not my work one which keeps getting out of control ~ wish I had a whip that I could use on it!!!

 My week finished off well though ~ On Friday we had a holiday here in South Africa and I spent the day scrapbooking with my friends Alison and Leonie ~ and the sixth member of the Scrap Addicts on the left here Miss Ruby.  Alison had ordered cupcakes for her visit to meet her new little niece and I just had to show one of them ... the lady who makes them is super talented. 
It was the last time we scrapbooked in Alison's scrapbook room as she is moving next month and we will have new 'head quarters' for the Scrap Addicts.

We had a gentle day filled with great conversation, yummy lunch with a cupcake for dessert! and I left them feeling refreshed.

Richard left on Friday morning for his trip to Sani Pass ... He had a really good weekend with some new riding friends and an interesting trip up Sani Pass and then through Lesotho and back home.  They travelled 1,200 km's in 3 days.  He was exhausted but exhilirated with the accomplishment.  We have to wait for photos from the other guys as he didn't have the camera with him ~ I think we need to buy a second camera now!!!  I took this photo when he arrived home.

Saturday I had some alone time.  Connor went to a Magic Tournament and on our way to Melville we dropped Mom at the Casino.  I took a drive out to Scrap-a-doodles in Irene and was disappointed as the paper trays I was looking for are out of stock.  I came home and bonded with the couch for a while and then fetched Mom from the Casino and decided we would have dinner at Ocean Basket.  When we left the house I captured this gorgeous sunset ...

I thought that I had better use my weekends better so on Sunday morning we did grocery shopping and after packing everything away I got to do some more sorting out of my scrapbooking stuff ... I now at least have some idea of what is outstanding and I really need to get my bum into gear and get some serious scrapping done ~ I have never been so far behind with my yearly books and I stress myself out when I get behind ~ Yes! I know! I am supposed to enjoy it and not make it a chore!!!!! but the OCD in me comes out regularly and taunts me!!!  I think I will get a page or two done tonight ... I am working on a Mother's Day "card" for my Mom with extra photos that I had from some family events and I think she will really love that ...  here are some of the pages I have finished so far ...

Today was a really quiet day at the office ... there were 8 of us out of an office of 24 people at work.  I got a huge amount of work done and also had the privelege of going to lunch with these two gorgeous guys.

Tomorrow is a holiday again and I am looking forward to spending some time with my boys.

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  1. Love the Photos, the sunset is beautiful and Connor is getting soooo big :)

    Called again today but you were still at work :)

    Love you lots