Friday, 2 March 2012


I LOVE teddy bears ~ the older the better! 
My sister Norma gave each of us sisters a wooden box.  Mine sat unused in the lounge for a while.  Recently these guys got 're-housed' into the box to make space for  Richard's work stuff.  The box now stands at the entrance to the study.  When we went to Germany in 2003 my friend Joan, from America, sent me the teddy with the pink hat and back-pack who sits proudly in this box.  In the corner of the box you can see FlyLady sorting everyone out!!! LOL!!

Here are three gorgeous bears who sit on top of my photo boxes in the corner of my desk in the study. The bigger one was bought in Germany one very cold day at Koningsee.

Although not a 'teddy' as such ... this old guy has been around since 1976. 

My Mom knitted him for my sister Noleen's school project ~ sadly he was knitted during my Granny's last days in hospital.  He is looking a bit worse for wear however each time I look at him and think it is time to retire him sentimentality wins out.

This chair sits in the corner of my bedroom and is home to two VERY special 'people'.  The big brown teddy has been my buddy since about 1974 ~ I had a boyfriend Douglas and his Mom's friend worked in the OK Bazaars warehouse and brought me this teddy and a smaller one named Douglas (who was my trusty travelling companion in my Toyota Conquest for many years until someone broke into my car and took it along with my radio and some other goodies in my boot).  The second beloved one is the rag doll which we bought in Rondebosch on my one and only trip to Cape Town ~ she was made by a mentally challenged lady and I fell in love with her the minute I laid eyes on her.  The teddy cushion was made for one of my birthdays by my friend Pam who I used to go to fabric painting classes with. ...Oh yes! See the little doll in the middle of the chair? One day we were driving down Jan Smuts Avenue and I saw her lying in the road and asked Richard to stop ~ I could just imagine some little girl crying because she had lost her doll so I have looked after her for about 20 years now for that little girl ~ whoever she is!

Isn't this little guy too cute??  I can't even remember where I got him from but he has been around for a long time as well.  He now sits on the unit in Connor's bedroom. Connor has been afflicted with the same love for teddy bears as me ~ not a bad affliction me thinks!!!

One of my favourite things to do is play Scrabble with my hunny (and my son when he is in the mood).  We bought this travelling Scrabble set many years ago and it goes with us whenever we go away ~ the other evening I asked Richard to play a couple of games with me and we had a lot of fun.   
Another of my favourite things is sunrise and sunset ... I took this gorgeous photo on our way to Melville this evening.  The sky looked absolutely beautiful.
 Well, that's it from me for now.  Hope you have something special planned for yourself this weekend.  I will catch up with you again soon (maybe even as soon as tomorrow evening!!!).  We are out the door now to go and fetch Connor and Jarod from their Magic Card Game in Melville.  Sleep tight!!!


  1. Beautiful bears. So cuddly and cute. Can I visit them? I'll bring cookies!

  2. Aaaaaaahhh, they are so cute and special and mean something in your life. At least you have your teddies displayed. I have a few teddy bears myself, displayed in my room on the dressing table, but sometimes get covered with other things. I have a white teddy that goes riding with me, his name is Jerry (short for Jerome).
    They are special, and such talking points of a conversation, not so?