Saturday, 3 March 2012


This morning I was woken at 04h50 but two cats fighting on the car port outside our bedroom window ~ I am still waiting for my ears to stop ringing!!!  I couldn't get back to sleep so I got up and had a nice bath and when I was dressed made Richard a cuppa tea and when Graeme arrived early I made him some coffee.  They left at 06h30 to ride through to Pretoria and Koedoespoort on their motorbikes.

Connor has been nagging me to make him chocolate chip cookies ... By 08h33 I had finished 4 batches of cookies and shortly thereafter we were out the door on a son & Mom day ... We visited The Bamboo Farmers Market in Melville ~  Wendy mentioned it on her blog ~ We were really disappointed as it is really small with not much happening.   The only thing I bought was a jar of lemon curd for my friend Alison. 

We then drove through to Hobby-X only to be further disappointed.  There was nothing new/exciting. 

We called Richard and told him we were going to LeeWays and he said he would join us for lunch.  We visited the scrapbook shop first as I still had some vouchers to spend.  After lunch we visited my friend Pam ~ she and her daughter Gill have opened a bead/craft store in Leeways ~ we spent some time with them and helped stock some of the shelves ~ Connor had an absolute ball.  Gill is the Mom of an 18 year old boy and she gets on very well with Connor ...  they spent most of the time laughing at each other.   

My friend Cheryl has arranged a Scrapbooking Getaway next weekend in Cullinan ~ Alison, Leonie and Brenda are joining me.  I have been spending some time sorting out my photos and what still needs to be printed so that I can prepare for next weekend ~ I am looking forward to spending some dedicated time scrapbooking and catching up with some pages and also spending time with these special friends.

This morning when I was finished mixing the dough for the cookies I took a photo of my food processor ... This was our wedding gift from Richard's god-mother.  I remember making biscuits one day and mixing them by hand and when Richard asked me why I wasn't using the mixer and my response was "Well you haven't read the instructions yet".  Since that day I have used the mixer about a million time.  It is amazing that it has served us for nearly 25 years and is still going strong. 

Hope you have all had a stunning Saturday ~ I'm off to bed ... Sleep tight.

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  1. I get the impression, even without your explicitly saying this, that you're an expert cook. As someone who loves food and enjoys cooking, I relish your posts about the subject of food and cooking.