Monday, 13 February 2012

Monday again

and still no sign of a completed scrapbooking page!!! 

This morning Richard had to drop his car at the panelbeaters so I worked at home while he took Connor to school then I followed him to the panelbeaters and brought him home.  I popped past the hospital as they had a refund for me ... the exact amount they asked me to pay just a week ago!!! I am really happy to have my money back.

I then drove through to Helderkruin to do an interview ... on my way there the traffic stopped dead on the highway and I was worried that there had been an accident only to find that the cops had set up a HUGE roadblock.  Fortunately the traffic flowed through it and I got to the area office in more than enough time  We interviewed a really lovely lady and then shortlisted CV's for interviews we need to conduct next week ~ we are opening a new branch in Kagiso and need to make sure we have all our staff for the 2 April opening.

Off to Westgate Lower to meet with the Union Rep for our hearings on Wednesday and then to the other branch at Westgate to address a staff member about personal hygiene issues ~ this was the first time I have had to do something like this and it was really not pleasant ~ thankfully she took it rather well.

I was really happy that the traffic flowed all the way home ... we had an early dinner and Mom made us an apple sponge for dessert ~ Yum!!!  Just finished watching 2 episodes of NCIS and now I am more than ready for bed!!!

Hope the first day of your week has been really great.

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  1. Any way I can convince your mom to make me an apple sponge for dessert? :)