Monday, 13 February 2012

It's been a few days ... Episode 3

We were up early again on Sunday morning as we wanted to get to the vet early ... We got Indiana into the car and drove down to the vet and got there 20 minutes before opening time.  We saw a young male vet and he checked Indiana from head to toe.  He said he was surprised that a dog of Indy's age is already suffering from epilepsy.  He then gave us more table for Indy and we were out of the vet by  09h20. 

 I took Connor to his friend Kayleigh and then popped past Wendy for a cuppa.  Richard arrived a little while later to show off his new bag to Schatzie.  I borrowed 'The Notebook' from Graeme and when I got home I watched this very moving DVD.  Connor called and asked me to fetch him and we popped past Wendy again to drop off the movie and met Courteney's new boyfriend ~ very cute guy except for his haircut!

It is amazing to think that another weekend is done!

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